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What is pop up and How to Add a Pop Up On WordPress?


Pop ups can be intolerable – but they actually work. It is important for you to know that a normal website pop ups can easily boost the rate of email subscriber by 1,375%. That’s the reason why you should think about adding a popup in your site. Though there are several reasons why it is vital to develop and maintain an e-mail list for your site, a web pop-up also have multiple uses that turn into improved engagement and finally, increases customers.

If you don’t understand the real problem, then you don’t need a solution for that. the below facts will highlight some of the common challenges that are faced by almost all the business holders who look for attracting consumers via their site.

  • Just 0.25% of new customer to the normal e-commerce site will buy something. But if they are persuaded for visiting again, the possibilities of making a purchase boost by 9 times.
  • From the people who primarily leave your site without engaging, nearly 75 percent plan to return later for making a purchase or become a consumer.
  • Websites that make use of exit-intent pop-ups, which emerge when a customer tries to leave your site, can get a boost of sign-ups by 600%.

Reasons to Use Website Pop Ups

Actually, there are loads of uses for a pop-up, but in short, they allow you to make sure that the customers on your website see whatever you want them to see. Now, let’s talk about some to major reasons of using pop up in the website.

  1. Boost Social Media Following

Refining a social media following is a vital method to grab the attention of customers and retain them, boost the internet existence of your business, promote your fresh services and products, and get ultimate business reviews. Building a considerable social networking audience will boost the occasions of your services and products reaching your intended demographic. Pop ups are really helpful. Website popups can be utilized for promoting site visitors to connect with your business via different social media platforms and you can add pop up boxes either upon leaving or entering website. There are many helpful video Tutorials are accessible for your assistance, based on your preferred social-media profile and your website platform.

  1. Answer a Frequent Consumer Question

The majority of people just leave a website when they have certain question and they are incapable to find the right answer. So if you better aware of your consumer base, then try your best to guide your consumers to the answers that they want rapidly. Web page pop-ups are said to be a successful method for putting helpful information straight in front of your consumers.

See the below examples –

  • Promotion Ends in 3 Days
  • Free delivery on everything!
  • First 50 Buyers Get a Free Gift
  1. Endorse an Ebook

Everybody just like free things and when your website adds worth to the customer experience, particularly when it’s free, the consumers are more expected to give their information and to keep engaging with your site. Direct capture forms that provide a free ebook with appropriate information will successfully generate numerous opportunities to encourage the consumers that your business is a trade authority.  Simultaneously, it gathers contact details for next engagement with viewers.

popup wordpress

  1. Prepare an Email List

This is said to be the most discussed and obvious reason to include pop-up signup forms within a site promotion mix. Though according to some statistics, pop-up boxes are very helpful tool for gathering e-mails and they also don’t normally boost the bounce rate of a site, businesses are intelligent to begin employing them earlier instead of later. Covering the email solicitation like a notification opt-in is a clever method that has proven outcomes.

  1. Conduct a Survey

People simply like to give their opinions. That’s why it is a good option to use a web pop-up plugin for creating an engaging survey that’ll also give some helpful information regarding your consumers as well as their opinions. This sort of pop-up box is also a reasonable method to gather contact information for upcoming use. The survey box can emerge when you enter the website or it can be formulated like an exit gate popup made to ask for feedback regarding their site experience.

Famous Tools to Create Website Pop Up

Knowing the requirement for website popups and really including them into the site are 2 different things. Luckily, there are several tools accessible in the market that is helpful to create effective pop up lead boxes. The first step is to choose the correct tool for your business goals and website platform. Here is the list –

SumoMe: the company gives a striking scroll box, and the same is known for the refined way of requesting contact information. Scroll boxes enable business to add pop up box at different levels of a user’s scroll-down the page.

OptinMonster: taking on the simple task of turning viewers into subscribers, this tool gives an easy and easy to use opening to rapidly generate lead boxes without the requirement of a professional developer.

ScreenPopper: this tool has cool and wide drag and drop library to allow users to effortlessly build various styles of web pop ups in an hour.

WordPress PopUp: people who are using WordPress platform for their website, this efficient plugin provides a bendy pop-up box that can be tailored for newsletter opt ins, advertising, or any other utilization.

How to Add a Pop Up On WordPress

WordPress popup is available for free on that you can easily install. You just need to go to Plugins option and then go to Add New and seek “WordPress PopUp.” Now, you need to click on the button Install Now and then activate the plugin and then you are all set to start your work. There you will see a new WordPress menu which is known as PopUp under which you can also see the current pop-ups as well as new ones and also control your pop-up settings. We would like to advise you yo jump directly into the PopUp option and then visit the Settings menu so that you can simply start install the manner your pop-ups will act. There, you can also locate which shortcodes work best with your pop-ups. Which shortcodes you can use in the pop-ups differ according to the themes (or the plugin that is employed to generate the shortcode). Also you may require using certain loading strategies.

You can change this among employing the AJAX for creating the pop-up ad loading and as element of the HTML. If you prefer investing in PopUp Pro, then you will also have the capability to mask the website address in the display-calls. This implies that the majority of ad-block software will yet enable your pop-up.

If more and more people see your pop-up, your possibilities of the success will increase. People usually install Ad-blockers to prevent the annoyance, but you can get your pop-up loved by your viewers only if you follow the right practice methods. Also, you can change the choices for the conditions upon which your web pop-ups are displayed with the use of fancy toggle buttons.

The vital URL feature allows you to decide particular web pages where the pop-up is shown. For example, you could prefer showing a pop-up on your content on your website apart from the About Us page or Home page. On the other hand, you could put a pop-up definite to certain content seem exclusively on the related post or page.

popup wordpress

Browser type enables you to select what kind of device will get your pop-up. If you wish to say something particularly to mobile phone users, or on the contrary do not wish your pop-up to display on mobile phones, you can employ this to decide the visibility.

PopUp details decide the amount of time you want your pop-up to be shown. Referrer enables you to select to display based on where a visitor came from. You just do not want to show your pop-up to a visitor who is arriving from your website already, thus you can prefer disabling it for internal links. Also, you can tailor for viewers from search engines.

Ultimately, User status implies that pop-ups can be displayed on whether a visitor is logged in or logged out, or has reviewed on your blog.

As soon as you have selected which settings you would like to get activated, then you can climb on with building your fresh pop-up at PopUp.

When you visit the page, then you can give a suitable name to your pop-up. This will not display on the real popup. But if you are having various premium plugin, then it would be a good idea to use a naming structure for your pop-up. In this manner, you can see effortlessly which popup you wish to modify, in place of having to assume – it should simply accelerate things in the long time.

In the core PopUp Contents, you can simply include a title, sub-title, an image or call to action. If you want, you can hide the images on mobile devices. Well, none of the aforementioned things are compulsory (unlike the content); however they can be employed to grab the reader’s attention.

There is Appearance section which has loads of choices to select custom colors. Also, you can set a particular size for your pop-up into the section and then add some animations to show.

There is also a Behavior menu, where you can set the time of your pop-up and how people can connect with it. If the form is included in your pop-up, then you can also set the activities after submission. Also, you have the ability to change the Display options, along with some configuration options accessible per limitation.  Custom CSS is the last menu item, which you can use to give some styles to your pop-up.

Well, we have covered all the basic information related to pop-ups. You just need to activate as well as save your desired plugin and then take a quick glance at your website to view your new pop-up in working.

Just keep in mind that you can include maximum 3 active pop-ups in the free edition, however if you opt for the PopUp Pro, you will get unlimited numbers of active pop-ups.

WP PopUp allows you to add images and do all kinds of funky editing that can evolve a simple pop-up into a completely alluring proposition. Best thing of all, the well-known interface will allow you to create professional appearing pop ups, even if you are not so creative.

Making use of Pop-Ups to Help You Plus Your Readers

Well, up till now you have a better idea why pop-ups are used and how you can employ WordPress PopUp for making a contemporary looking quick pop-up. There are some best methods that we are going to cover to ensure that you receive the most out of your amazingly made pop-up(s) though.

Here, we just want to be honest: there are many people who get irritated by pop-ups. Since it attracts the viewer’s mind to something that you wish your consumer to see, they might wish to see the stuff they came seeking in the first place. If the stuff are not sold already on your website as your pop-up appears at the wrong timing, they might simply bounce back to search engines. In that condition, there is no point to use pop ups.

Well, there are some important points that you need to think about at the time of building pop-ups:

  1. Don’t attack viewers with too many pop-ups.

One popup for one page is the utmost acceptable number. Rather than using lots of pop-ups, ensure that the one popup that you show is all-inclusive and worth their precious time, encouraging them for finding nearly all the aspects of your site separately. You might find the extra controls (such as non-specific URLs) that are accessible in PopUp Pro. It is helpful if you are thinking about operating numerous pop-ups in various places.

  1. Ensure your pop-ups come at the right time, in right place

In case, a viewer recently loaded your web page and abruptly sees a pop-up, then they will not essentially have time to set up the quality of your website content. If the visitors are new, maybe arriving there from Google to locate particular content, possibly they will leave the page if this occurs. This happens mostly on the mobile devices where cancelling the pop-up might take long time. Making use of controls such as responsive design and desktop-only viewing will alleviate this to a certain level. A good way to solve this problem is just displaying the pop-up when the reader scrolls after a certain element or a certain amount. This functionality is accessible for easy execution with PopUp Pro.

popup wordpress

  1. Display your pop-up to the correct people.

Similar to all the other promotions on the web, your pop-up is about to get some aggravated readers and maximum conversions if it is aimed for the correct audience. For example, if your store delivers products only in US the UK audience would not like to see your popup. Similarly, website members or registered users are not about to like your pop-ups forcing them to create accounts or register themselves whenever they visit the site. Well, you can easily control the display to various user statuses with the help of WordPress PopUp, whereas membership and geographical controls are accessible in the premium edition of the plugin for final targeting.

Considerate utilization of pop-ups is the perfect method to persuade people to stick with your website. Also, it will reduce the potential for you for irritating any future customer will a bad-timed popup when they are unsure if your content is worth reading still.

Just remember that the content should be worth reading before aiming users with mailing-list for your website blog updates.

Final verdict

Pop-ups are really wonderful. They can do magic for you, your website, your viewers as well as your business when you cleverly use them. You just need to use them wisely to create a win-win situation. It may take a few small changes to get the best pop-up, however if you follow the correct practices then you can be successful.

We just love PopUp Pro and WordPress PopUp and truly believe that they are the perfect options you are about to discover there. You should understand already how to make use of the plugins, so you don’t require taking out word for the same: quickly download the free pop-up plugin immediately.

Whether your website is interested in increasing its newsletter subscriptions, social media following, learning more regarding your buyer, there is a web popup option accessible for you. With a huge variety of tools, both paid and free, accessible for lead generation reasons, your small website can show a professional website look.