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Some Things That You Don’t Know About Domains


It’s a very important decision to choose and buy a domain name. It’s the vital decision that surely requires some attention. Actually, because you require money and time to create a site, you have to be certain that your domain name shows in some words the content treated by you. The selection of the domain name has an impact in the ways how the top search engines will think about your website and the way visitors see you. Domain-names are similar to properties in the digital world. With the age of .com a number of inhabitants moved to the internet as a method of investment, business marketing, social interaction and even virtual business.  So, at this point of time we are going to tell you some interesting things regarding domain names that you possibly didn’t know.

  1. The Longest domain name of the world

Officially, domain names are permitted to be no-longer that 63-characters long (exclusive of domain suffixes or sub-domains).  As there have been a lot of claimants and contenders for the rod position of the world’s lengthiest domain which has been also recorded in the Guinness Book-of-world-Records.

The exciting fact about this domain-name is it is really a real-word.

  1. The maximum fee paid for buying domain-name?

People from all across the world have spent their money on .com, however several other making profits from an applaudable amount with extremely small input. According to the survey made in the year 2006, it was said that domain name was sold at 14 millions USD, which make this the most costly name bought to date. Close competitors to are for more than 340 million USD and for 9.5 million USD.

  1. The shortest domain-name of the world

Recognized globally as being one of the leading drivers behind the evolution of the internet, Google now legally got the shortest domain-name of the world which is Google bought the original domain name to help their Chinese users to find Google with utmost ease.

  1. The shortest .com that you can register

As per the laws of domain names registration, the domain name should be at least 3 characters long excepting suffixes or sub-domains.

  1. Domain names female and male

If you are seeking to register a male name for your domain name then possibilities are that they have been already registered up till now. Well, the females might get lucky, but the more widespread female-name is also available with an expensive price tag.

  1. If we have a trademark does that permit us to the privileges of the domain-name?

This is right, you do not require a trademark to purchase a domain-name, but people should be extremely vigilant with trademarks. For example, Ian Tunes who purchased “iTunes” before the existence of Apple’s “”. He could keep the domain name for life, as he was the first to register it, but because Apple was making offer after offer and giving him a lot of hassle to get this name, one day he was fed up and redirected his domain to Napster (biggest iTunes competitor at that time). For that period, he violated the copyright of Apple’s iTunes and lost the domain-name.

  1. The most famous domain registrar

Based on the source there’re so many famous domain registrars. The fallouts are taken from numerous factors consisting of offered services, feedback, customer support, package diversity, and the accessibility of new services and products.

  1. WHOIS Change Fee

At what time you register your domain name, the details of the same get posted in the database of WHOIS, which is available to the public. Your registrar is capable to make some changes in those details. A few companies attract visitors by registering domains for extremely less expensive price however then hit them with a high-administration fee for changing the WHOIS entry.

  1. Under Ads and Pop Up

One more medium for domain registrars for making their money at the time of charging less registry fees is through selling under ads and pop-up on your domain. They might provide you free url-forwarding however they could be earning money from these advertisements and not from the domain owner.

  1. Domain Parking

At times a nice looking deal is not all it appears. Certain firms provide low registration charges since their target is to make profits from ‘domain parking’. This is when a number of domains are made from the original domain-name however making use of different typos. Well, these parked domain names are typically low-quality search web pages bringing pop-up ads. It’s really a large business and domain registrars can really earn a lot of money from this.

  1. EPP Protocol

Certain domains work the ‘EPP’ protocol to protect against unlawful transfers. A domain name is allotted with the ‘auth-code’ which is 8-character long and is needed for transfer to occur. The existing registrar posses this code and must send it to the owner of the domain when they want to transfer.

  1. Registrar Lock

Registrar lock is a method of ignoring your domain being shifted by stealth. In fact, this is a particular line of code which is needed before performing the transfer. But, if you do not have complete control over this on yourself, then it could lead to some problems.

  1. Phishing


Unluckily, less-than-trustworthy registrars and spammers can excavate your WHOIS details, which leave you susceptible to domain ‘phishing’. You could be provided scam-renewal notices so as to fooling you into relocating your registration.

  1. Contact-Detail Harvesting

As we have already mentioned that your details on the database of WHOIS is accessible for everyone to see, and this implies that it can be ‘taken’ by marketers and spammers. Therefore, bots could use your contact numbers, address and email.

  1. 60-Day lock-Down

A different shaded practice is simply locking-down a domain name for 2 months every time the WHOIS record is changed, therefore stopping the domain-owner from heading to another registrar.

  1. Versatility

There are so many domain names accessible in the market. But, actually it is the versatility and variety of domain-names that contribute an exciting character to this apparently technical product. People try out dissimilar methods to provide a different character into their domain-names. A few would choose single-letter domain name whereas some others would make it as big as possible. Some artistic people would also choose the quirkiest domain name to grab the attention of audience.

  1. Domains – the Virtual Gold

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that domains are the “virtual gold nuggets” that can provide huge perks to their vendors. In several, instances it can be relative to property market or shares market however in some other cases they even fare better! Different from stock market, domain-names are not prone to delisting or highly volatile plus they do not want you to spend loads of money like real estate market. The best part is that they can provide the success which is just phenomenal.

  1. TLD sales

TLD is the abbreviation of top-level-domain or the section that enablers the 2nd dot within a name of the site. TLDs were a basic thing for a long period of time. The majority of Commercial businesses would choose a .com domain-name whereas .edu, .gov or .org, was usually employed by appropriate authorities such as educational organizations, government organizations etc. The market wasn’t filled with loads of TLDs. But soon a number of various TLDs were launched such as ccTLDs to signify particular areas – .fr, .uk, .in etc. Some of them are employed to signify a particular business such as .Travel, .NGO etc. In the year 2017, there was tremendous development in some TLDs such as .you, .nba and .zip.

Some Biggest Advantages of Having Premium Domains

Why anybody would like to spend loads of dollars for a domain-name that can be easily bought at just $8.99 from any web-hosting site. In simple words, a premium-domain can significantly impact whether your product or startup fails or succeeds. When you commence your business on the internet with a premium domain, you are actually putting your money in an unforgettable and intuitive name which will aid to distinguish your business in the packed online market. Here are some of the great perks of buying a premium domain for your business.

  1. Quick Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition

Domain names are considered as costly and premium if they are easy to spell and memorable; 2 branding components’ that are usually extremely costly to obtain. In addition, with premium domains such as,, etc., you do not need to assume what you will get; the domain name makes the value scheme clear. This really saves brands from requiring investing considerable amounts of time and money branding so as to shape the users insight around your offering.

  1. Authority and Instant Trust

Premium domain name also provide visitors a sense of authority as well as trust. For example, users will have more trust in doing trade with against This acquired trust is mostly because of the fact that online consumers usually know domains like are costly and rare. The level of authority and trust directly manipulate users buying decisions which lead to higher rate of conversion.

  1. SEO Advantages

Premium domain names, in simple terms can influence SEO rankings too however not in the manner you would look forward to. It’s a fact that the EMD which stands for Google Exact-Match Domain algorithm update reduced any single perk to ranking keyword rich domains or exact match domains have. With that being said, you cannot slap a worthless site in a high power Exact-Match Domain and hope to rank like crazy.

But, premium domain names assist with link attainment. Great domain names give a sense of authoritativeness and trust with webmasters which assists with outreach as well as link placement. In addition, EMD’s enable you to use “money” keywords naturally as anchor text because those money keywords structure your brand name. Both the methods can really assist you to receive better and more links.

  1. Direct Traffic

Based on the domain name as well as its vertical, certain premium domain names bring huge amount of direct type-in traffic. This means that people who simply enter the complete domain name in their web browser to seek something (rather than going through search-engines). The fallout is a quick flow of top-quality traffic; actually direct type-in traffic typically brings very high rate of conversion.

  1. Physical Promotional Benefits

A premium domain-name is said to be the best foundation for all non-internet based promotions such as radio, TV, print ads, billboards etc. Since premium domains memorable and short, physical strategies that make use of great domain names have a high rate of success of users keeping the URL and going there when they’re prepared.