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.ACADEMY Domain Name Registration

Nowadays, there are many domain name extensions. If you have a school, you are probably wondering whether to use the popular domain name extensions or use a unique one. It can be a tough decision to make. There is no need to be stressed. Here is all information about having an .academy extension.

If you are passionate about education, you can get the .academy extension for your business. It is an ideal extension for primary schools and even universities. Professional organizations will also find it suitable choice. You do not have to look anywhere for the best domain name extension. The domain extensions in the web have made it easy to choose an address that fits your business. You can create web presences that will your academy successful. You do not have to look anywhere else for a suitable domain name extension.

If you are the owner of a school, you are new to think about getting a site. In case you do not have one, you new to get started with it right away. One of the important steps of having a website is choosing a domain name. The right domain name can take your business to greater heights.

There are two parts to a website domain; name and extension. The name is the name of your school. The domain is the extensions which are available for registration. Examples of a domain are .com extension.

You may be wondering why you should not choose a .com extension for your school. Well, there is nothing with it .com means commercial and your school website is not commercial in that sense. You need something that will relate to what you do. An .academy will show exactly what you do.

There are benefits of using an .academy domain for your business. Here are just some of the benefits of using .academy extension.


Improved search engine rankings

One of the benefits is better search engine rank. Search engines will recognize that your site is an educational institution. Thus, you will have higher chances ranking above your competitors. Whenever, users search for school related search, your site will be among the first ones to show up.

Domain name availability

You cannot only register an .academy extension when you have an educational institution. You will have to submit proof to show that it is a school. There will be few people competing for these domain names.  You get increased chances of getting a meaningful domain name. You also stand to get a shorter and appropriate domain name.

Build trust

An educational domain extension will help you build trust among users. The .academy is only some for recognized educational institutions. Thus, any educational institution that uses the domain extension will gain the trust of customers.  Users will know they are dealing with a trustworthy institution. It is unlike using a .com extension. It will help build the brand of such an institution

Ability to host emails

The other benefit is in being able to host all your email. You will have emails that have your domain address in it. Furthermore, you stand to benefit a lot by using the extension. There are many companies that provide educational institutions with services free of cost. You can also get the products at discounted rates. To enjoy these benefits, you need to have an email ID with your domain address.

Such companies will use your email ID to confirm that you are part of an educational institution. The email ID is an easy way to identify teachers and students online. So, it is necessary that you have an email with the domain name extension in it. You will be amazed at the discounts you get just by having such an email ID.

Some of the companies that give you discounts or free services for educational institution include

Prezi: the presentation tool gives educational institutions with a free standard plan

Ever note: it is a note taking app. The app gives students and teaches 50% off on their regular pricing

Cheaper than other domains

Using an educational domain extension means that you will pay a lot less.  Thus, you get to save on money. The registration and renewal charges are very affordable than when you would have used the other domain extensions.

How to buy an educational domain name?

Educational domain name extensions are not like the commercial extensions. You are required to provide paperwork to show that you have an educational institution. The registration authority will use the paperwork to verify that the institution is registered. A good registration authority will guide you through the entire process. Be careful when registering your educational domain name. There are many sites that claim to offer such services. You can do be careful to avoid landing into such fraudulent sites. You can search .ACADEMY Domain Name here.

The .academy domain extension shows users what you do. There has been an increase in schools adopting the educational domain extension. Any business that wants to promote their brand and educational content online will find it useful. They are credible and attention grabbing. It will add a boost to your professional brand.

It is short professional, short and memorable. You can improve your search engine ranking when you have keywords in your URL. Someone looking for an educational institution will click on a links that has an .academy in it. When someone clicks on your site from organic search results, you get to save on paid marketing. Therefore, simply using the educational domain will help market your business.

Domain names will help customers get a taste of your brand before going to your website. You will establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. You can do that by using .academy domain extension. It enhances your online marketing and be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You achieve all these by simply having an educational domain extension.

How do you buy the educational domain extension?

It is very simple. You just have to choose a suitable domain name registrar. There are many registrars that offer the .academy extension. Look for an accredited institution that offers the domain name registration services. Find .ACADEMY Domain Name here.

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