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With .academy, we have a flexible TLD that’s perfectly suited for any school or educational institution that identifies as an academy; it’s also a great choice for students, teachers and academic advisors.

What is .academy Domain Name Registration?

If education is your passion, .academy is your domain. It’s the perfect choice for everything from primary schools to elite universities to professional organizations, like the academy of online marketers.

.ACADEMY joins a host of generic term, open registry TLDs in offering definable Web space that’s relevant to numerous businesses and organizations, but not restricted in use.

the .academy gTLD is an unrestricted domain extension, educational institutions will be able to benefit from using it the most. While academies differ from country to country, all academies are educational institutions involved in the research of new technologies or discoveries.

By using a .academy domain name, institutions will be able to utilize a name space that was meant for academia and research. A wide variety of academic institutions will be able to participate in discussions with other organizations and will be able to connect with others that share similar interests.

.ACADEMY is well-suited for schools and educational institutes that identify as an academy, but can also be used by recruiters, advisory, advertisers, students, teachers, and administers affiliated with an academy. Because of its flexible use, .ACADEMY is an obtainable, unique, and marketable domain namespace.

Please note that in some extensions activating a transfer will renew your domain therefore a renew fee will be charged when placing your transfer order. After the transfer is processed, your domain name will be updated with the new expiry date.

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