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Why should I Use a Dedicated Server ?

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Server describes a special computer that is configured to provide services such as Hosting (a rented space for your website to exist on the Internet) and Email services (a point of presence (POP) where your emails are collected and sent on to you. DNS system and more configurations.  A Dedicated Server is dedicated to one Organization so that only their websites or email accounts or their customers’ websites and email accounts exist on that server.

Cheap hosting services use Virtual Private Servers (VPS). In effect it means you can be sharing the server with many other unknown people from anywhere in the world. It could be a hobbyist in China or someone in Russia playing with experimental code to SPAM people.  Some websites are hosting gambling and adult websites, some websites are running warez websites which are all beyond your control. Some bad webmasters even try to hacker some other websites using Malicious Spyware or Viruses which will eventually  affect your websites.

When you are running a big Website, you need a dedicated server: A big website need a lot of sources including CPU and memory even Disk Space. When you run a big website, you will occupy too much cpu resources or memory resources. Your hosting provider will notify you to move to a dedicated hosting plan. Or your website will affect all the websites in your shared server. Normally your website should be suspended immediately and other website can run smoothly.

You need Better Server Performance and Response Time,  you need a dedicated server: On shared hosting, with other sharing the same resources, allot of traffic can be generated which could drain resources such as bandwidth which could lead to slow response time and slow loading time. This does not happen on a dedicated server because you are not sharing resources.

When your Bandwidth or Disk Space is big enough, You need a dedicated server: With shared hosting, the amount of disk space and bandwidth you are allotted is limited because there are others sharing the server. With dedicated hosting, bandwidth and disk space are dedicated to you only so there is no sharing and no limitations on the amount of space available space.

Dedicated Hosting Needs Technical Skills but Cpanel and Plesk Control Panel will make a dumb admin to be OK to manage the Dedicated Servers but you still need some webmaster skills to set up, administer, and manage the server.

Blacklisting Of Website by Google: In a shared server, there is more of a risk of being blacklisted by search engines because someone else on the server engaging in such practices as spamming may get the entire IP address blacklisted. On a dedicated server, you will not get blacklisted unless you engage in unethical internet practices.

Level of Control: A dedicated server offers more control over the server as they can add their preferred programs, applications, and scripts. You will have improved flexibility and security which is very beneficial.

The hosting type that you choose will depend on your budget, server and website needs, and the amount control that you desire. No matter which type of server hosting you choose, it is important to make an informed decision.

We use several dedicated servers configuring separate servers for the email services as distinct from hosting your website. The Servers are proactively monitored, regularly updated and backed up every week by our dedicated server team keeping them secure and performing at optimum levels. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your Hosting solution is in safe hands, at all times.


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