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A new .actor domain is the place online where industry professionals and talent come together. It’s where you’ll find actors of all types, from up and coming stars of tomorrow, to established performers looking to broaden their appeal. Put yourselves in the spotlight with a .actor domain and email address.

In the United States alone, there were over 66,000 acting jobs in 2010, and although the acting community is dispersed through different forums and countries, .ACTOR provides a communal hub for all actors, and their networking system. .ACTOR is available for registration by any individual, group, or business, making it a perfect TLD option for theatre, film, live performance, musical, and commercial actors, as well as the agents, schools, fans, and venues that support them.

About .ACTOR Domain Names

This domain is perfectly cast for theatre, film, musical and commercial actors. It also makes a great Web address for all the acting coaches, agents, guilds, schools and venues that support them.

Registration Information

The .ACTOR launch is divided into three phases: Trademark Holder (Sunrise), Priority Pre-Registration (Landrush) and General Availability. Each phase has specific application requirements:

The .actor domain name is a new domain extension which is intended to cater to those in the motion picture, television, and theatrical performance sectors of the entertainment industry. A new .actor domain name is a great chance for those involved in this business to increase their online visibility. The .actor domain name extension will only be offered to those involved with motion pictures, television, or theater, so it will be a trusted domain name for connecting with those in the industry in a whole new way.

Who can register .ACTOR domain names?

Anyone can register .ACTOR domain names. These domain names can have up to 63 characters. You can’t register domain names with special characters such as & and #. The .ACTOR extension does support Spanish IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) characters.

Which registry controls .ACTOR domain names?

United Domains manages and supports the .ACTOR extension.

For how long can I register .ACTOR domain names?

You can register a .ACTOR domain name for one to ten years.

When do .ACTOR domain names renew?

We’ll attempt to auto-renew your .ACTOR domain name on its expiration date, but will park .ACTOR domain names after the first failed billing attempt. If the domain name isn’t renewed within 46 days following expiration, the domain name will be canceled and removed from your account.

Can I transfer .ACTOR domain names from you to another registrar?

Yes. See Transfer my domain to POWERHOSTER.COM for details on the transfer process.

Yes. See Transfer domain from POWERHOSTER.COM to another registrar for details on the transfer process for these domain names.


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