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Build an optimized WordPress Website for SEO purpose


Whether your business has had a site since the rise of the internet era or is simply beginning out, it’s vital to concentrate on your website optimization for the most optimum results. A greatly optimized web page not simply seems attractive, but also is viewed by many people and will finally switch more consumers. But, trying to optimize a site without a blueprint can direct to some costly roads with small rewards. Rather than randomly going for SEO for web pages of your site, take some time for learning about top mistakes, best practices, and how the most efficient webmasters operate their websites.

Know the significance of Webpage Optimization

Website optimization is the vital thing to do for encouraging a responsive and healthy site that reaps benefits. To get some proofs, see the given below statistics that are collected from different sources –

  • Most of the marketers state that their promotional events are partially run by web page optimization results, whereas 47% marketers say that their website design really get changed because of optimization lessons.
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  • Over eighth percent of online marketers think about boosting conversion rates to be one of the principal priorities of internet optimization programs.
  • 40% of people will discard a webpage if it take more than 3 seconds for loading.
  • There are loads of extra statistics that could be gathered from credible sources and business leaders about the worth of SEO optimized webpages.

At present, WordPress has become the standard weblog publishing platform because of its requirements compliance, obtainable plugins, wealthy function set, and user-friendliness. You can make it more user-friendly and simple by using powerhoster web hosting. Because WordPress is requirements compliant, therefore you as well as your programmer is not needed to worry about right HTML formatting. Yet, there are several simple steps that have to be taken for showing your WordPress site into the final word search-optimized website. Also, you can get all the plugins and themes for your WordPress website.

How to Build a perfectly optimized WordPress Website

Here are some simple steps to be followed for building a best optimized wordpress site.

Title Tags should be distinct


The big question that arises in everyone’s mind while optimizing the site is that, what are the elements that influence the Google’s algorithm? Well, the major element that affects the excessive rating is “Key-phrases added in title tag”. Due to this reason you want your Title Tag to include only the most appropriate or relevant key phrases or keywords related to your website content. Preferably, you would have a customizable website page title show up. Luckily WordPress contain a Title Tag plugin named search engine optimization that allows you to modify every Title-Tag.

Set off Permalinks


The by default WordPress web page contain never-ending link that looks like This link is said to be the dynamic URL – which uses some variables in the url for locating the content material of a web page. Well, in this case the variable “p” shows what is proven at the time of web page loading. Since, dynamic URLs are location friendly for programming, thus they’re not specifically consumer pleasant or search engine.

Previous search engine result pages had trouble listing dynamic urls.  But, now its not a case, but today static URLs such as gives numerous advantages. The very first advantage is the purity of the url, which has nothing to do with search engine ranking. The url with real keyword in it is instead more appealing for people to click on it when search results are displayed, and ultimately is far easier for them to reminisce when coming back to your site. It is good to have relevant keywords or key terms in your url for giving your site a small impression in increasing your ranking.  You can also end this distinction by rewriting the url. It just takes some programming effort for doing this.

Don’t forget to build Sitemaps


Every XML sitemaps and HTML sitemaps can aid hugely in getting every page in your site indexed by all the major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. For several websites, it needs too much time of programming to automate every kind of sitemap. Actually, WordPress contain an XML sitemap plugin as well as a HTML sitemap plugin that performs all the best things for you.  As soon as you build the XML sitemap, you need to be sure that you submit it to Yahoo and Google to entry deeply crawling information regarding your website.

Install Analytics


All the viewers are not very if you don’t think about changing any of it for growing publication signups, leads, and sales. Despite the objective of your site could also be. Today, Google Analytics has now become the leading analytics software tool because of its customization and simple interface, rates, and breadth of options. With the conventional required analytics metrics – most viewed content material, visitors sources, returning/new guests, web page views, distinctive guests, guests, and so forth. Google Analytics generally has objective of e-commerce income monitoring and aim monitoring, so that you will be capable to see specifically the position every adaptation is originating from. After creating a web account, the plugin of Google Analytics and WordPress could have you on top and running in few minutes. When you make a decision to use WordPress because of its numerous abilities, then you’ll require joining a Feedburner account or setting up a friendly plugin to make sure that you receive possibly the best results from your weblog.

Sociable allow people to submit all you’re your publications to social bookmarking websites for example, StumbleUpon, reddit, Technorati, Furl,, and Digg, which might be extremely capable to sell extremely viral articles and websites. Feedburner gives loads of developments into your RSS feed within your blog posts, but from a search engine marketing point of view, the important factor is to construct is to habitually ping search engines such as weblog directories and google. This makes sure that your web pages get listed repeatedly, and frequently you will get web pages listed fast. A best web hosting like powerhoster can be helpful in this. Ultimately you will have a wonderfully optimized site using various free instruments and WordPress!

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Text
  • Internal Linking
  • WordPress Tweaks
  • Plugin for SEO
  • The Yoast SEO Plugin
  • All-IN-ONE SEO plugin
  • Broken Link Checker

Conduct Keyword Research

USE SEO Plugins

Focus on Low-Competition Keyphrases

Choose One Keyword or Phrase, and then Write or Tweak Your Article

Use Your Keyphrase In Your Post Title and Title Tags

Repeat the Keyphrase in Your Article.

Use the Keyphrase in your Meta Description tags

Find Images Related to Your Keyphrase

Some wonderful advantages of using WordPress

Since its beginning, WordPress strived to be the most feature-packed CMS (Content Management System) for sites. Originally, it maybe was not the perfect software for website development; however, over the past few years it has changed into the most famous option. More than 20 percent of websites are made on WordPress, plus there are more than 80 million websites making use of WordPress Technology. WordPress was originally begun as a platform made for blogging has slowly changed into feature-rich and revolutionary Content-Management-System, along with the structure to support sophisticated sites. Well, there are so many interesting reasons of why WordPress must be your option of CMS. Let’s take a look at some popular benefits of using WordPress.

  1. Lucrative in several ways

For the majority of people money matters the most. Today, people don’t prefer hiring web developer or web designer for making simple content changes into their website. With the help of WordPress, people can simply create their site, edit and add themes, include web pages, plus make changes with simplicity. People can easily add videos, include interactive banners, and add call-to-action buttons, uploaded pictures, and add plugins for creating interactive functionality and  high-level features. You may be hold over the online globe due to the expenditures involved with appointing a developer or designer. Even your developers and designers prefer using WordPress most of the time. The basic reason of using WordPress is to make it simpler for setting up and handle websites. That implies less cost in updates, development, design, and everything else. Keep one thing in mind that WordPress is an Open-Source technology; therefore you don’t need to purchase it.

  1. Easy to handle

The best thing regarding WordPress is that people can easily use it anywhere and anytime if they have browser and Internet connection. You don’t require any particular program, like Dreamweaver, or FTP Client for uploading and managing documents. Everything can be done from your local browser. You only have to log in and make some changes via your WordPress cPanel. If you are searching more suitable option then you should use powerhoster, as it is providing simple access to Control Panel for uploading and updating.

  1. Fast Indexing, Edits, and publishing

WordPress is said to be an extremely fast tool. nothing else can beat WordPress when you wish to publish new content or edits. Also, you can preview the stuff, publish your post and they will directly go live immediately. Websites made in WordPress are also listed rapidly by search engines, particularly Google.

  1. Interactive Plugins

Previously people were accustomed to believe that building a customized website was suppler than employing WordPress. Because, developers and designers believed that WordPress was somewhat limiting. Maybe that was the case long years back, but not now.  Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of add-ons and plugins, developed not by WordPress, but through the society of developers. If you would like to optimize your site, a plugin is available there. If you would like to include Google Adsense, a plugin is available there. If you would like to produce a web based course, a plugin is available there. Actually, there are numerous plugins for almost any imaginable function you could wish. If you don’t find plugins for anything, then you can find a group of developers who are all set to develop anything you want. WordPress is actually an open source destination which enables developers all across the globe to make plugins and include them to the library. Some plugins are paid, while some are free, and several employ the Freemium model, thus you can check them out for different size.

  1. Steady Design with Themes

There is a thing to keep in mind that when you install a design theme in your WordPress site then you can create your entire website to follow the exact structure and design. This is how exactly the themes and appearance work in WordPress. Well, you can also purchase a pre-designed theme here, have a specific design customized for your site, or you can simply use free themes of WordPress’. You are not required paying your developer or designer for each web page they make. As soon as you have the primary designs stored in your WordPress site as themes, you can simply follow the exact same format for numerous pages. It decreases your expenses and guarantees reliability.

  1. Flexibility of design with PHP

When it comes to design reliability, many people imagine it as a constraint. They think that WordPress limits their site designs. That’s not quite good! Actually, WordPress gives you with loads of flexibility for having a different functionality, menus, elements, and layouts deployed for different categories, pages, posts plus for your blog. WordPress is created with MySql, CSS, and PHP. This database and language combination allows you to do anything you wish.

  1. Mobile receptiveness

A great advantage of employing WordPress is that its themes are mobile friendly. With more that 50 percent of website visits coming through mobile handsets in various regions, hence a non-responsive site is a poor website. A few search engines, especially Google, take mobile-optimization sincerely. It is getting more and more important aspect in the leading search ranking algorithms. When your site’s theme is not responsive already then you can make use of plugins that change the look of your website, or correct your CSS documents to make sure that your site is ready for tablets and smartphones.

  1. Easy to add Blog

Few years ago, Google told about the significance of having a blog section into a website. Blogs have numerous advantages, for example,

  • Providing you the chance for adding limitless content into your site
  • Boost connections with your consumers
  • Make sure apt updates about service policy
  • Launch latest products,
  • Grab the attention of visitors for precise themes and keywords

With WordPress, it takes only few clicks to add blog into your site. There are numerous pre-designed themes available for blogs in WordPress, and some main themes are accessible with an integrated blog design. You just need to add your blog into the menu option and begin publishing the required contents as blog posts. Your content is published in the style of archive, which make is easier for readers and search engines to get hold of the previous or older posts of your blogs. Also, you can make use of Permalinks settings for making the urls search engine-friendly. WordPress is decisively recognized as the idea blogging software. Thus, it surely succeeds in this part.

  1. Scheduling and Time Management

WordPress enables you to plan contents or web pages to go live afterward. If you wish to post or publish your content after a month, a week the n you don’t need to publish them by yourself on the selected schedule. In its place, you just can add your content and set the date of publish. This automation of content makes it very easy to handle numerous blogs.

  1. Social Media and Engagement

In today’s web-based dominated world, social media engagement is the major aspect to consider for making your work company successful. Whether you wish to connect with an already set up consumer base or want good ranks on leading search engines, social media network is important. Google as well as other leading search engines consider social networking signals being sent to the site in their latest ranking algorithms. Therefore, social media acts as a reliance signal for search ranks. In simple words, no social signals imply that Google may view your site with disbelief.

WordPress gives loads of tools and plugins at your removal for boosting social engagement. Blog posts or contents can automatically be integrated to social platforms, your website can be set with social buttons to allow connecting, pinning, liking, and sharing.

  1. Multimedia Support

Today, multimedia is said to be the lifeline of several websites. Since text content is still very popular and admired, but today search engines see multimedia as symbol of a more engaging and immersive website experience. In fact, in some businesses users anticipate video content and if they don’t find that they just leave that site. Multimedia contains social media feeds, RSS feeds, forms, images, videos and a lot more. Actually, the most latest HTML 5 edition supports java and flash animations to a considerable extent. The conventional method of keeping your site frivolous to delight search engines must be unbiased against the search engine benefits and major user experience of having multimedia content and great images on your website.

By using WordPress, you can simply integrate banners, sliders, animations and call-to-action buttons, Flash and Java animations, campaigns, blogs, videos and many more. Actually, there is certainly nothing that people can’t do with WordPress as far as the multimedia is concerned. Even you can include social networking functionality to your site enabling your viewers to make profiles and accounts, receive and send messages, and so forth.  On the whole, WordPress provides you the chance to make your site interactive and appealing.