Important Tips on Domain Investing and Website Investing

The whole purpose of having a website hoisted in a domain is to extrapolate your business to the hundreds of thousands of virtual users on the internet. Buying a domain is something like dropping bait into the river to catch the bigger fish. Getting a domain registered is an additional burden, in a sense; you need to spend some amount from your pocket to get better returns. How about fine-tuning it a bit by polishing your bait, making it tastier and attractive for the bigger fishes to easily get caught? Expense for registering a domain is anyways unavoidable if you were to boost your business in the right track, then, why not do some fore study and spend wisely towards a result oriented strategic path unlike the standard quote and get approach?


Usually people invest in real estate, mutual funds; equity shares and so forth. Have we ever thought of investing in websites? Well, most people stay away from this option owing to either of two concerns, the first being, they are not technically sound enough for doing so or they are worried about spiders, the Google Spiders.

  • The Spider Factor

Not to be taken lightly as the Google Search Engine has quite a major role in deciding where to show your website when users search for it. Why cannot we just ignore this aspect? It is a fact that most users in the World Wide Web use Google as their default Search Engine. If they have anything to query on, they tend to open chrome and just type it in. It gets them what they were looking for. Now, the Search Engine is smart enough to understand which site is a spam, which is the best suited one for the user’s query. It understands this by ranking the web pages based on keywords used. And we would always wish to see our website in the top orders to get maximum prospects visiting our website. More traffic means more customers and indirectly means better revenue. For getting website up in the Google Rankings, most businesses employ a team of specialists known as the Search Engine Optimization experts (SEOs). They fine tune your website metadata and other features to have itmoved up a gear in the search.

  • Technical know-how

We should never feel that “we are done” once website is purchased it is just the starting point. You should have enough technical knowledge not only to keep your website up and running, but also see it to it that the website is never blacklisted for any reason. And even if it is, you should be able to get it back as soon as possible. Black listing can plunge your website traffic down by about 95 percent. Blacklisting can be caused due to various reasons from hack attacks at client-side to the server level vulnerabilities. Enhancing security of your website, removing spam URLs, junk blogs and following measures as per standards from Google can help you get your website up back again in a better position than before.

Invest: Why in websites?

Our next concern is obvious. Why we should invest in websites. With lot many other options available, investing in websites can help you make quite some money just sitting at home with a laptop and reliable internet connectivity. There are various factors that show this kind of investment has better returns, a good control and various other features as listed below to make it a way better option when it comes to capitalizing your hard earned money.

  • Returns

What will be the returns on my Investment in website? A cost of a website is roughly about fifteen to twenty times of its monthly revenue. It is a onetime investment and you reap the harvest soon. Let us say you buy a website which gives you a monthly a decent $2k to $4k in revenue, and you buy the website for about $36k. Your returns per annum will be about 66 percent which is way more as compared to the other investments options like the real estate. Your pay-back period while investing in websites will be way less too, about one to one and a half years as compared to the real estate thing where it spans from 8 to 10 years. So, which is the better option?

  • Tight hold on your Reins

Unlike other businesses, say even in the real estate you are limited in doing things that could improve your business. You are not even sure enough that necessarily the improvements will fetch you better returns. But do you realize the fact that Investing in websites is fully driven by data? In the internet world, we are supported by the strong analytics. It even gets you reports prepared based upon the website traffic and other real-time information unlike those in real estate or other smaller businesses. It hints your weaker areas and guides you in the right path of strategically objective oriented decision making. Is not that cool enough to see your investments, even in improvements, getting you annear to assured result?

  • Technical Know-how

We tend to ignore the technical part of websites investments but why? Either we do not want to, or even if we do, it flies off over our heads. Before investing into a stock do you go through the entire ups and downs the trends of that company, its new investments, the corporation’s direction all those? None of us would. Heard a friend say and we followed. Before getting into any investments patterns a thorough background study is essential in various aspects most importantly what to do if you see your boat sinking and the ways to recover it back to the best position it used to be in. As the website investment is data driven you will get your path guided always. And keeping a few handy tips as precaution will help you in crucial times of need.

  • Cost and Upholding

Maintaining your website is equally important as purchasing it. Unlike the other business areas where cost of repairs is high, shut downs for upkeep and stuffs like that, maintaining websites is way easier and does not turn heavy on your pockets. You have a team of experts available in the vast space of the internet who can come in handy any time you wish them to be and will be way cheaper than the ones you would use in real estate or smaller industries. You just need to know which door to knock and when. A bit of research into this field can also help with “where to look for” and answers almost all your queries in case things tend to deviate.

Investing in Domains

Till now we talked about how website investments could help you gain some profits. One can invest in Domains and make money too. Domains are spaces where you could host multiple sites. Well, there is no proven or hard coded way to find you success like those in the real estate or stocks; neither can you get much help from your co domain investors. But there are a lot of factors that can influence to shape the quantum of revenue that can be generated by investing in domains.

  • Things to take care

There are a few considerations before you go ahead with buying a domain. If you are eager enough as to which domain can be profitable, which TLD to choose for maintaining the trust factor of customer, safe guarding their investment cautiously looking for the right door, controlling cost you need to go for a small background study based on the following aspects.

  • Trust Factor and Protecting the Investment

While looking for a new unheard TLD most customer waiver a bit, it is normal to do so, as you won’t have support from your friends in this new path.The customer might be the new trend setter here. While asking them to move into a new TLD from their older one you need to entrust him with full support so that anything out of place, as a domain owner, you are there to support them to the fullest extent. Also when a customer on the existing TLD buys a domain in the new TLD he needs to be cautious so that he does not lose the existing traffic in his domain while focusing on enhancing traffic on the newer one.

  • The partner thing

While looking on to buy a new domain from a new registrar in the gTLD (generic Top Level Domains) you need to ensure cautious eyes on his track record especially while entering into a long term partnership with them. There might be some providers who have a cool enticing front end but will be hollow inside. It is your hard earned money that you put in.So, be a bit extra cautious in such scenarios.

  • Market Study

Before buying a domain do quick market studies on the top TLD from which you can expect better returns. It is a known fact that the .com top level domain accounts for more than half of the domain name sales. Look for similar gTLDs that can get you the value for money invested.

  • Learn from others

Before jumping into buying a new domain it is always beneficial to check out from investors who have had past experience in this arena as they will tell you the untold and even share those practicalities that you would not have even thought or read about. This helps you to fine tune your goals and strategies and more focused in the path, right from the very start.

  • Domain Names and Trademarks

One of the quick tricks is to start from a point where other profitable ones had left. Just search for the recently expired nicely performing domain names using tools that are now widely available in the market. Also while selecting domain names or getting a new one try your best to make it as close as possible to the brand. This helps your customers land directly to your website and the conversions will be much greater. Even match of a word in the domain name can get you the difference.


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