How to Setup a Custom Domain on WordPress

You have created a powerful blog on WordPress and now you wish to have a further customized domain in place of subdomain. A few domain names sounds well than the other, however how and can you make that change? Since .me is considered as one of the domain name extensions accessible via the platform, you can simply do the same, and don’t leave the admin cPanel. Another scene is that you are just beginning with your blogging plus you do not wish to get bugged by your web hosting service provider. You will determine to leave the back-end to the official site of the plus their server; however you still require your domain that you have registered already. Domain mapping is the solution to this problem and here we’re telling you how you can do that.

Step one

The initial step is quite simple. You will just need to visit the domains page of, and if prompted select the blog you want to include the domain to (in case there is just one blog on your website account then this step is skipped by default). Now simply click on the Add domain option and type your domain name that end with a .me extension. In case the domain is accessible then it will appear in the search bar and then you’ll need to click on the option “Upgrade” (or the “select” option if there is no blog), and choose a plan which is suitable for you. Now you should enter all the important details needed for the domain name registration and make a payment. Possibly you want to make your latest domain a key domain.

Second Step

Receiving a domain name via was very simple and easy. Now we will concentrate on domain name mapping you own already. If you have multiple domains, you can map all your domains into just one blog too, but you will need to select one as your main domain name. When a user visits one of your domains related with the blog, he/she will be forwarded to it, but the domain in the web browser will change into your main domain name.

It’s time to do mapping

Before we move into domain name mapping, you will need to know that you will be needed to change the server of your domain name. You do keep in mind how DNS system operates. But, the process is quite straightforward; ensure that you have your domain-name service provider by your side to aid you in case you get stuck.

Well, this procedure will run on 2 sides, your registrar and The very first thing that you will require doing is to choose your website on the wordpress domain page, and select the “Add-domain” button.

Then seek a white “Upgrade” option next to the “Already-own-a-domain” text. At what time you click on this option, type a .me extension you prefer and include this into your blog. Now you just need to finish the checkout process for the domain name mapping from the WP side. Now when it comes to registrar side, you will need to log-in to your domain-name dashboard and look for domains server controls. In case you cannot find them or you are unsure what you are seeking, ask your registrar to give you some support.

After that you’ll require changing the domain’s name servers to –


Well, your registrar may be keen to do this. Now you need to simply wait for your DNS transmission to complete so that your new .me domain becomes live and alternatively make this a main domain.

Be careful regarding e-mails

If you’ve created some e-mails accounts on your domain then you’ll need to follow some extra steps mentioned here to ensure everything is working properly.

Make your new .ME a primary domain name

The last step is to update your domain so it becomes a primary domain used for your site. To do this, select the domain you wish to be your primary domain and just click on the “Make Primary” button on your Domains page. That’s it, after confirming your e-mail ID and maybe waiting for DNS amends to publicize you’ll see your website on your latest .me domain.  Now you’ll have an easy to remember and unique place of your website or blog. This will certainly aid you get more viewers and make your website show up.

What are the major advantages of employing custom domain name on your WP site?

Actually people who are recently entered in the world of blogging typically try not to invest anything and remain with the free-blogging platform because they’re new yet and they don’t know about it. There are many other people outside who don’t know much about blogging but they have a passion to take their company or business to the high level and gain a lot of respect and fame. So after that when they get to know what they were doing then they were pulled towards their own brand name and purchased that. Well, in this tutorial we are about to talk about the advantages of buying a custom domain name. You can come across a number of blogging platforms such as TypePad, Joomla, WordPress, Blogger and many more. The single feature which goes with all these sites is that they offer sub domains for free. Hence, you can choose your personal sub-domain such as, for free and that too without require investing any sum of money. Instead most of the bloggers pick blogger platform because it is an encroachment under Google. However still staying under a sub-domain really makes your blog or post look under developed and dull, thus to triumph over this problem most of the professional bloggers are selecting custom domain names. Thus, given below are some of the researched and verified perks of selecting a custom domain name for your blog which will really assist in your track building and long run of your blog.

  1. Assists in progression

If you own a custom domain name, then your blogging website should be approved by publishing and advertising business. Still, if you are all working under a sub-domain then a number of internet marketing websites purchase and sell ads and several others will not accept your application. Most of the people employed with their sub-domains and they got turned-down. Hence before getting any marketing business it would be great to buy a custom domain name and improve your blogging website traffic as per their expectation.

  1. Building repute

Blog websites with custom domain names are primarily accepted as compared to the blog websites with sub domains. You might possess any custom domain name such as .org, .net, .com, .in and so forth, all these domain names are said to be as the custom domain names. Plus receiving more track-records along with sub-domains is tough mostly duration. But with customized domain it is likely. We advise you to own a custom domain for increasing your blog website and to expand your blogging surface like a pro blog writer. At the time of sharing the domain name or url of your blog website with your good pals it seems like a professional thing

  1. Building Community and Getting More Fans

People actually like to share some great stuff online, and if you have one that is great however if your blog isn’t chosen for customized domain name that can leave your blog website will reduced traffic. Thus if you want to be a famous brand or name then you should go for a custom domain and after that people will definitely sign up for your blog website and receive latest updated via e-mail. Even they will surely bookmark your site for potential visits. Thus these things can build up more visitors and certainly it’ll improve the traffic of your blog website as well.

  1. Promotion seems Professional

If you create a great impression along with your good pals then they’ll surely share your blog post on famous social media websites. Thus for the marketing thing your customized domain name could leave a trace in the people’s mind. The most of people prefer sharing short articles on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Thus if you have a sub-domain then it might create bad impression between them. Hence choose a custom domain name for your blog website and start marketing your blog website.

  1. Increasing your Rankings

In case you own a sub-domain then your website page rank will surely improve progressively. But if you have a customized domain name for your blog website then it’s simple to improve your blog website page rank quickly. Thus further contents you share over your social media sites can get more search engine results over which can cause much improved ranking for your blog website. In case you’re owning a sub-domain plus it found to be owning really broken/dead domain then the ranking for your blog website might reduces rapidly. Similarly it can improve other sites ranks such as Alexa ranking. Thus select a customized domain name and start working to improve your blog website page rank.

  1. Aids you in Working-Hard

In case you own a sub-domain then you will not have any brutality, though you are just investing your time and blogging and you did not spend your money over it. Thus to be vital in blogging you require buying a customized domain name which can cost approximately 10 to 15 USD per year. Now you’ve really done some monetary investment on your blogging website, thus it can be likely for you to work smartly and make you much chief. It can really create enthusiasm and interest. As results you’ll receive an increase in your profits. Thus work smarter and harder.

  1. Increasing your Online-Business

If you’re thinking to introduce a company on the web, the you have to select customized domain. It’s the extremely good way to endorse all your brands and items on the web without investing huge money. Choose a pertinent custom-domain which belongs to your brand because of the reality that most of the people were primarily seeking the domain. You can amaze affiliated, build online forums, banner advertisements, aim to create paid material and choose direct promoters. Even you can choose sponsor ads to develop your fresh website rapidly.


Having a custom domain is a perfect method for making your blog more pro, while yet taking benefit of the simplicity to employ that WP provides. And if you have your individual domain name, you can simply shift your website traffic to a dissimilar web hosting provider in the upcoming future if you want to. The procedure is rather complex, however for 15USD per year this upgrade is said to be the best.


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