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What is the next step after domain registration?

Buying a domain name is one of the initial steps in creating your web existence. So now what is the next thing to do? As soon as you own a domain name, it’s time to begin working on your site, online audience and your brand. If that sounds intimidating, you don’t need to worry about at all. You will come across several easy solutions to get your business on the web, and Google domain name associates with the finest of them. You can create a site, build a customized e-mail, and develop your online customers effectively and efficiently, without any technical skill. However while you will have loads of assistance along the way, it’s vital to have a simple game plan that aids you to fulfill your objectives. Here we are giving you some easy tips for how to go ahead and get the most value for your money of your latest domain name:

  1. Opt for a good web hosting plan

The very primary thing that you should do after purchasing a domain is to make purchase of a good web hosting plan for hosting your website. It’s particularly vital when you have purchased the domain from leading domain registrars such as Although the majority of domain name registrars provide inexpensive and affordable plans for web hosting, but you should ignore them. Instead you must purchase web hosting place from famous and reputed web hosting service providers such as and many others. They will give you the best possible service. Actually, it’s a great idea to purchase web hosting plan and domain name discretely. There are a number of different website hosting packages. Among them shared web hosting is said to be the most affordable and famous plan. If this is your first website, then you need to begin with shared hosting plan. However you can change this plan in future for free if you want to.

  1. Point Domain-Name to Website Hosting

If you are thinking to purchase the website hosting plan and domain name from the same service provider then you can leave this step. And if not, you need to point your domain to your website hosting. The process is quite simple. You just need to revise your nameservers and include the domain-name into your website hosting. You can simply do it from a good domain management.

  1. Build a website

Well, you do not require hiring a professional site developer to get a professional and beautiful website that mirrors what you provide. Google domains incorporate with reputed and superior companies that allow you to build your separate site with no design or technical experience, including: WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, and Blogger. Each one of them has various options and costs, consisting of safe website hosting, customizable templates as well as useful features such as mobile site management and drag-and-drop design future. As soon as you buy your domain name, you can simply explore the different alternatives and go with the one that you think is right for you.

  1. Make some Social Networking Accounts

It takes some to build a strong social networking existence. However it is very important for you to make your social networking accounts as quick as possible for securing social networking domain names. It is suggested to select the social networking domain names that perfectly go with your website domain name. For instance, if you have a domain name then you can create your Facebook page domain name as In this manner, people can simply find your page. And it will also rank higher possibly.

There are a number of social media websites. However you do not need to join each one of them. You can join any of the social networking website according to your audience. Below is the list of some regular and most popular social networking websites.

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  1. Get custom email

You can easily create recognition and credibility by making use of custom email that consists of your domain-name such as info@yourdomain and yourname@yourdomain. Google Domains consists of custom email for free of cost, permitting you to build equal to 100 customized e-mail aliases, which are name of email address that get redirected to your current e-mail account. With the help of Google Domains, you can prefer using G Suite, which gives every user with a proficient Gmail account, equal to thirty email aliases. G Suite begins at 5USD per month per user, and consists of productivity apps Google for work, comprising file sharing and storage, shared calendars, video chats, collaborative editing docs and more. Also you can include G Suite into your domain after making a purchase. In case you own a domain name already with Google Domains plus you would want to include G Suite, just visit the Domains-management page, and then click on the option “add email,” and choose the option “get started.”

  1. Simplify domain management

If there are more than two people who are working on your domain name, you can simply allocate domain management with other users of Google. Every user added by you will get the authority to manage the domain name, comprising DNS settings, web existence (for example, G Suite accounts and email aliases) and domain registration.

  1. Create corporation or an LLC or for your company

If your domain name is a component of beginning a new business, then you will require launching the business as well. As you can work with partnership or as a single owner, corporations and LLCs provide more safety and other benefits. In fact, LLC have been famous for a number of web-focused organizations because of their liability protection and lower cost.

  1. Trademark your business-name

It is not enough to just register your referred domain name for securing your brand name. You have recently purchased a domain-name for your new business or product or brand, you should purchase a trademark for it. This’ll certainly secure you from violating domain name as well as violating properties when you require taking legal action against a person who is attempting to redeem on the name of your business.

  1. Get Business Phone, PO Box and Fax Number

Receiving a fax number and a dedicated phone for your business is important at the time of creating a company. You can own these numbers always, forward calls to your home phone or cell phone or just obtain a toll-free number for your client services and customer feedback. You business has its individual body – though you are handling your business outside of your house, it should have its personal fax/phone number. It is also very easy to forward some call to your mobile phone or landline phones. Also, it’s good to think about owning a toll-free number because it will help you to save your customers/clients call charges plus it assists your business to seem more serious.

When it comes to a home business, a PO Box assists you to keep all your business related mails separate from your personal mails. It keeps your billing address off where you might want mention a business-address, such as on your website and visiting cards. In addition, a PO Box aids you to ignore the requirement to provide your house address for your business. Also, this is useful if you’re letting premises for your work and would want the liberty to shift to other place if there is a need.

  1. Promote your website

If you wish to reach out new consumers on the web, the social media marketing and marketing might be the good option for you. You will come across a number of data-driven and trustworthy tools that will drive traffic to your site, which consist of –

  • Facebook ads: With advertisements on this famous social networking website, you can aim your customers according to the factors such as interests, gender, age, and location. Also you can aim people whose contact information is already present in your database, or you can check who have visited your site. Advertisements can be placed through sale – you fix an overall budget for your advertisements, and place a bid for how much money you will spend on every advertisement.
  • Google AdWords: With this tool, you can aim your future consumers when they enter the search query on Google for whatever you need to offer. AdWords tool works simply by displaying your advertisements with Google Search-results depending on the search queries that you have chosen. You fix your own budget, and pay out whenever people go online and click on your advertisements for visiting your site.

Google Domains are created for making it easy and simple to begin your project or introduce your business. We understand that the majority of work starts after buying a domain name, and therefore the best support and best tools are created and designed to aid you win online. If you really want to make the most of your business domain, you need to go to the management dashboard for adding email, configure settings, or create a site. If you do not own any domain name yet then you should take the initial step in your business or project and begin your search.

Some other very important things that you can do for promoting your site are mentioned here –

  • You can appoint an SEO professional to bring the most natural traffic. However if you possess the SEO knowledge then you can do it on your own.
  • You can do it yourself and take the help of social media or you can try out other paid options of promotional methods.
  • In case your business has a powerful local flavor, you must also think about using posters and flyers and also the odd-billboard If you’re ready to spend the money.
  • Place an order for a set of visiting card exclusively for your company which should have information of how customers and clients can contact you.
  1. SEO your website

When your website gets live then you can go ahead and begin with some important SEO measures such as link-building. If you do it right then you can receive a stable source of free aimed traffic. A number of websites with strong search-engine ranks do not require any other advertising or marketing.

  1. Order business cards

Though you own primarily an online business, still you need to have some visiting cards for your business. These are must if you visit any trade shows to find potential customers/clients to just want to connect via groups or local events. You don’t know what new possibilities may arise from people you meet personally.

Bottom line

You will have loads of things to do for beginning your new business after receiving the domain. Do not skip an essential step that might have you backing down or regretting it afterward!