8 Tips For Selecting A Winning Domain Name

Selecting the appropriate domain name for your site is very important for the success of your business. If you select the wrong domain, it can become a problem change afterward without harming your search engine ranking and brand. That is why it is very significant that you select the best and ideal domain name from the beginning. Well, in this post, we are going to share all the important tips and tools you need to obtain right domain name thoughts, select the winning domain name, and purchase your new domain name and that too for free. At the time to creating a blog, selecting the right domain name can be demanding as you do not wish to make a silly mistake. For making this process even simpler, we have 8 important tips that will help you to select the ideal domain name for your site.

  1. Continue .com

At present, there are loads of new domains extensions accessible from .org, .net, .com to niche extensions such as .blog, .photography, and even .pizza. We always suggest you to select a .com extension. Since it can be enticing to find intelligent blog names with the use of latest extensions, but still a .com extension is said to be the most credible and established domain name extension. Latest domain name extensions such as .photography and .ninja can be unreliable.

.com domain names are very easy to remember. A number of users, particularly those who are not tech-savvy, will usually enter .com after every domain name without considering it. If your site is something like jenny.photography, and your visitors mistakenly enter in jenny.photography.com, they’ll finish up on an error loading webpage on the website. It is clever to ignore that risk by continuing the .com extension. The majority of smartphone keyboards contain a .com button automatically.

  1. Make your domain name pronounceable

Though people are not expected to be stating your domain name loudly, but still pronounceability is vital. This is due to something known as processing fluency: the simplicity with which our minds can process data. Domain names that do not want a person to consider extremely tough are typically the easier to keep in mind, and also more expected to encourage positive associations. According to some experts, if you need to spell the tough domain name over the call, you have lost.  When people regularly misspell your domain-name as its difficult to understand, all of that future customer traffic is lost. The majority of people will leave seeking your brand’s website rapidly; they do not have enough desire or time to try out numerous Google searches of potential spellings. Here the lesson is quite simple: make it very simple for your visitors to locate you on the web.

  1. Choose appropriate Keywords

Blogging is nothing but writing down all your feelings and here relevancy plays a vital role in receiving major readers from various target audiences. Hence, when the domain name consist of smart and clever keywords that are most commonly searched on major search engines depending on the content category, the possibilities of possible viewership’s escalates and the same is true for credibility as well. Keywords have an extremely significant role to play in a domain name. By making use of the keywords into your domain name, you inform the search engines about the niche of your site. Along with the good user experience and good quality content, keywords within your domain name can aid you to get higher rank in Google.

It is extremely difficult to discover the right domain name together with your intended keywords that is not taken already. You will require being inventive and mix your keywords along with the other words for making your domain name show up. It’s a fact that having a few keywords into your domain name can assist you a lot. But, you should not turn over backwards to contain exact-match words. Doing the same can really harm your brand.

Google trapped on to this spammy strategy, thus an exact-match keyword domain name is not much of a ranking aspect anymore. In addition, several users have made this notion that such websites are low-quality and spammy. You should not use generic phrases and keywords at all. They not only are difficult to remember, however domain name depending exclusively on generic keyword do not bring the same SEO advantages they used to.

  1. Keep your domain name short, but not extremely short

Short domain name are memorable and simple, but choosing extremely short domain name can have the negative effect. Compare “PastaSci.com” and “PastaScience.com”. Because of the short form, the former one is harder to both remember and pronounce, even though it have less characters. The later one works fine. Here the key is to make equilibrium. Hence, you should choose something which is short, however do not twist your name by infuriating entire parts of words.

In the pursuit of shortness, several people think about employing a short form for their domains. However that is typically clever if your product or brand is frequently referred to by the openings. For instance, the official website of World Wildlife Fund can be discovered at WWF.org. That’s best for them, because their contributions is popularly referred to and known as just “WWF”.

Since keywords are significant, you should not overboard together with the length of domain name. It’s good to have domains which are memorable and short. It’s a better idea to keep your domains under just 15-characters. Bigger domain names are tough for your visitors to keep in mind. Visitors will also be tending to typing error with bigger domains, and you will forego on that traffic. That is why it is better to have your domain-name short.

  1. Keep it brandable and unique

The domain name of your blog has to be exceptional, thus you will show up in the minds of your readers. It’s clever to do research on other blogs into your niche and discover what kind of domains they are employing. You do not wish to mistakenly employ a trademarked domain name, or get blamed of copying another blogger. Also you can opt for picking a domain that is brandable. This is because brandable domains are easy to remember, catchy, and unique.

For instance, “Amazon.com” is said to be a much more brandable domain compared to “BuyBooksOnline.com.” Your domain name has to be associated to your product; if a person is seeking hockey-sticks, he’ll look for hockey on search engine; thus the name of your domain name should be associated in some method to the real product that will aid a user to reach out your blog.

Loads of successful firms have found distinctive names by including or removing one letter from an ordinary word, such as Tumblr; by mixing 2 ordinary words or combining 2 words into one, such as Instagram and Facebook; or by employing an ordinary word in a new perspective, such as Yahoo. Being a little artistic can bring in numerous options for great accessible .com domains that can aid you show up.

  1. Avoid confusion and trademark infringement

The ideal domain name is distinctive. You should not be jus puzzled with the name of other brand or website. In the end, you do not require any charges on your hands. If your domains infringes on your trademark then you could be prosecuted and compelled to leave the domain name. Before registering any domain, you can try to see whether it breaks any US trademarks. Relatively if people can puzzle your domain name with the other brand, so can Google. Selecting a domain name that looks like another business name can redirect to the SERPs of name being littered with unrelated links.

Before choosing a domain-name, you need to seek that the domain does not contain any trademark or copyright. And if the brand is large then you might charge with a huge penalty. Therefore always be careful that you should only select copyrighted domain names. Also ensure to seek any DMCA punishment against that domain-name. Because several domain names are concerned in auto-blogging and possibilities are high that DMCA-notice might look for such domain names in search engine results. You can make use of this tool for seeking any DMCA punishment against any domain-name. You can also search to check what all fallouts you get.

  1. Make it directly intuitive

The best domain should provide users a notion of what your company is all about. For example, Rand Fishkin makes use of “PastaPerfected.com” as an instance of spontaneous domains for a website about pasta. A future consumer can make a really good guess regarding what they will discover at that website. Your domain must have the exact effect. In addition, quick intuitiveness provides bonus-points for memorability. When people can get the concept of your website just from the domain-name, then you can stake that it’s about to remain in their brains.

  1. Avoid hyphens (-) plus doubled letters

You should not contain hyphens in your domains, as it obstructs customers to memorize domain name; therefore users will find wrong name, searching different sites will take them at incorrect destination rather than your blog. Also Google does not identify hyphens quickly and possibilities of getting found on front page of Google just descend with blog names having hyphen. Thus you should not build a domain-name using hyphens. Also Hyphens can indicate a spammy domain which you don’t wish to be related with. You do not wish to give the bad impression to your future customers. In addition, hyphenated domain-names are likely to typo errors. If you select a domain-name including hyphens as the domain name you wish is taken already, your visitors will finish up at the website of your competitor if they overlook typing the hyphens. Also, you should avoid using doubled letters within your domain name, since it puzzles viewers and boosts possible lost viewership. For instance (blogssspot.com). Here the “sss” might perplex the users in memorizing the domain name of blog and there are occasions that the blog loses a few amounts of its possible readers. It’s good to ignore domain name with doubled-letters, as it boosts your possibilities of losing customer traffic to typo error. For instance, a domain name such as WordPresssetup.com will be likely to type error, and causes lost traffic.


If you are planning to begin a blog for the very first time you may find this post on how to begin a blog useful as it takes you through everything in detail. Besides this you can check various posts on Blogging and WordPress topics to know how you can deal with your fresh domain and other services or tools. That’s all. We hope you find this tutorial helpful to know how to select a best domain for your business or blog.