What reports are available with my reseller account?

The Basic and Pro Reseller accounts include the following invaluable reporting tools:

Displays commissions earned during a selected time period, including units sold, retail price, wholesale price, credit card fees and commissions.
Product Commissions
Displays commissions by product for a selected time period, including units sold, retail price, wholesale price, credit card fees and commissions.
Marketing Source Codes
Displays where your customers are coming from, campaigns they follow, and how many hits each campaign draws for a particular marketing source code.
Payment History
Displays the history of commission payments, including the payment date, transaction number, payment type, and payment amount.
Product Sales Report
Displays a comparison of sales by product for two selected time periods, including units, orders, revenue and commission.
PPC Commissions
Displays earnings from pay-per-click advertising from domain names parked through your Reseller storefront. For more information, see
Displays refunded orders for a selected time period, including customer number, original receipt number, refund receipt number, date of refund, product refunded and the refund amount.
Displays customer numbers with products coming up for renewals within a specific date range.
Customer Lookup
Displays basic information about your customers.
Customer Sales
Displays orders by a specific customer for a selected time period, including number of orders, total revenue and total commission.
Discount Customer List
Displays customers who are receiving discount or wholesale pricing.
Discount Customer Sales Report
Displays discount customer sales activity.
Domain Lookup
Displays detailed information about a particular domain registered with you.
Domain Registrations
Displays a list of domains registered during a specific time period including the date the domain was registered, the expiration date, number of years registered, and the original order number.
Displays a list of domains that have been requested to be transferred away from your storefront, including the date the transfer was initiated, the customer number, the original order number of the domain registration, and the current status of the transfer.

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