What is Domain Privacy and Why Should We Use it?

When you purchase a domain name, you need to give your contact details to the company you purchase your domain from. They are needed to pass those details to the ICANN-WHOIS directory. This is because there is a record of the owner of the every website on the internet. If something get published on a site violate a law, there should be a way for tracking the owner of the site. Since there are some obvious motives for this directory to be there, but clearly there are some downsides of it as well. Each and every owner of the site contains the contact detail they give to their-domain registration provider displayed where everybody can view it. You should try to be vigilant who you give your personal details to plus you should also learn that simply by making a site that personal information is reveled there for everyone to see.

Since you are needed to give your personal details when you purchase the domain name, it’s not necessary that the information be simply available on the internet. You have the freedom to delete your contact details from the WHOIS-directory without violating the law with the use of a domain-privacy service.  People who seek your domain name in the directory will yet be able to see your name plus email ID they can employ for contacting you – however they will not be able to see any other contact details plus e-mail id will be an alternative.

Advantages of Making Use of Domain Privacy-Protection

When you select the option of WHOIS privacy, you get some particular advantages. You’ll be capable to secure your personal details. In addition, some other advantages are –

  • Assists to reduce the chances of scams and fraud
  • Companies will not be capable to locate and resell your personal information to others
  • Keeps rivals away from getting your information
  • Simpler to control junk and spam postal mail

You will get all these advantages with the use of WHOIS privacy protection.

3 Reasons Why Domain-Privacy is Worth It

Domain privacy is not available for free. Since the charges is rather low (approximately ($14.95 per year, rates vary from one service provider to the other), if you have inadequate funds to spend, you will need to think about whether or not a domain-privacy is something that is worth buying. If you are confused, here are 3 reasons for why it’s worth the cost to purchase it.

  1. Keep scammers away

Scammers are worse than spammers. Web scams are common today and it’s another field where the more and more people have information about you, chances are there that you become their target. Also the more information about you these scammers have, the more compelling they can be. If they notice that your domain is about to expire soon, they can act like your domain-registration company and attempt to get payment from you. Or they could find the other method and try the domain hijacking. However the second method is difficult to succeed, because companies have some procedures for making domain hijacking hard, but if the scammers have all your personal details with your domain registration information they can easily get succeeded in such kinds of scams.

  1. Decrease spam

People are swamped with spam in various parts of life. They receive phone-calls from unknown numbers, e-mails from strange sources etc. It appears tough to ignore them totally, however whenever your contact information leak on the internet, spammers will easily find it. In case your phone number and email id are easily available in a directory, then you are sure to get more spam e-mails and spam calls due to it. Domain privacy provides you security from spammers.

  1. Secure your personal Details

How relaxed are you with the plan of strangers having your phone number and your address? Though it’s a business contact number and address, in spite of a personal-one, that is possibly where you spend most of your time every time. The chance that anyone could determine where to locate you with an easy web search is disturbing for several people. Besides basic anxiety you might undergo, there is the genuine threat of identity theft. The information regarding you that becomes easily available to burglars puts you at danger of identity theft. With top industries rising in the news for information violates with growing frequency, there is a lot of things you can do for completely securing  yourself, however each small step you can take for making your personal details tough to locate can lessen the risk.

Why you require Private Domain Registration

At what time you buy a domain, your domain name service provider is needed by ICANN to give the contact details of the website owner. Some sort of details should be provided. Hence unless you choose to secure your personal information, it goes open for people to see. Privacy protection covers personal contact details from total unknowns. This is quite simple plus it’s one of the most usual purposes domain-owners choose privacy protection. Nearly everybody has the capability to use the web, which implies that nearly everybody could get access to your email id, contact number, and billing address. If a site consists of hotly-contested or debatable subjects, it can be particularly secure ways to make personal information hard to get to aid ignore unwanted contact from unknowns.  Below are some of the reasons why you consider buying private domain registration.

  1. Stop undesired Solicitation

Listing out personal phone number for your domain name is much like an open-invitation from con artists, spammers, sales people, and telemarketers. There are numerous services that scour WHOIS information for contact details, particularly from currently registered sites. It does not take too much time after a domain-registration to begin receiving loads of e-mails and calls regarding freelance opportunities, virtual assistants, mailing services, social media marketing, content optimization, SEO services from people abroad and more. In a more worse situation, there’re scammers who may try to get in touch with you when your domain name is about to terminate, along with “renewal-services” that really don’t do anything for renewing the domain, or that move without letting you know, plus can charge the owner loads of dollars in fake “services.” Be careful of any products got in the e-mail about your domain name, and always get in touch with your existing registrar before answering to such frauds.

  1. Secure Your Personal Information

Identity theft is a very common problem among people and loads of people are facing this problem after every 2 seconds. Domain privacy registration do everything to protect your privacy be it phone numbers, banking data and even the data being shared on social networking sites. There is adequate information contained in a WHOIS domain-record for a stubborn or skilled thief to begin creating problems, and allow them to get into details for your personal information for the intention of identity theft. With the use of domain protection you can cover your ways with the information of your alternate service.

  1. Secure Your Email ID

When you make use of private-domain registration, then your registrar usually makes a unique or alias email id that is employed rather than your personal one in the WHOIS database. This e-mail id doesn’t stay forever and will be changed on a regular basis. This is performed to repel unwanted mails from spammers.

  1. Stop Domain Hijacking

Domain hijacking is considered as a bigger concern. Due to domain-transfers being protected by default from the majority of registrars after purchase, it’s not as simple as it accustomed to be. When this lock is there, nobody is capable to move your domain name away from your until and unless they manage to have access to your email and account somehow. Covering your personal details contributes one more obstacle to this procedure, which make it very hard for somebody to collect the information and get access to your domain account. After enabling the privacy-protection, the authorization email for domain transfer will be sent to fake email id listed in spite of the original email id of the registrant which makes the transfer fail in case not authorized.

Disadvantages of Private Domain Registration

Privacy protection may look like a reasonable option when you are creating a new site. In any case, you are only securing your personal data and attempting to keep shady people and voracious telemarketers away. But still there are some disadvantages to choose this service –

  1. Is it actually Private?

You can spend your money to have your personal data to be kept confidential in the WHOIS database, but does your service provider actually keep your data confidential? It is possible that your service provider can share or sell your contact details by other means. Since there are ICANN policies exist, registrars have broken these already – hence there is nothing essentially preventing less-reliable firms from distributing your registration details if someone were trying to contact them.  Ensure to read the registrar’s privacy policy to make sure that details are not being distributed or sending out without your consent.

  1. The Extra Cost

When you require additional security from a service like this, you are possibly going to spend some money. But, rates can differ significantly from one service provider to the other, from some dollars per year to some additional dollars per month. The rate is not decided by anybody; hence the private-registration service providers get to decide their prices. You are the one to determine whether it’s worth spending extra money or not to get this service.

  1. Your Personal data Might Still Be Open for Everyone

Private domain registration service providers can be created at any time, however if your domain name was registered already without placing privacy protection then your personal data might yet be open for everyone else to see. There are loads of tools accessible in the market that enable people to do extraordinary searches and get formerly listed ownership information on domains. A few of these tools may also show sales or transfer records of domain names.

  1. Privacy Protection is not Accessible Always

Based on the TDLs you select, you might not be capable to have privacy protection. It is extensively accessible with the majority of domain extensions exclusive of .name, .tv, .cc, .xxx, .eu, .asia, .au, .us, and .cn. With one of such domain name extensions, you will be needed to list your exact contact details as the authorized owner of that site domain.

Final Words

Well, it is not a necessity or requirement to put your money in domain privacy protection. Yet, the charges are minimal when you evaluate the services that are provided. If you wish to keep away the solicitations and secure your privacy it can be a valuable investment.


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