What can I do with my domain name if I donot want to set up a website ?

Registering a domain name does not automatically activate a website that displays when visitors enter your domain name into a Web browser. The domain name must have a hosted website that includes a numeric address, called an IP address, for visitors to access the website using your domain name.

Besides setting up a website, there are a number of things you can do with your domain name once you register it.

  • Sell it — Domain names can be a great investment. If you have registered a domain name that you are not using, maybe someone else can. You can set up a For Sale parked page to let visitors know that it’s available — and don’t forget to include your contact information. See Auctions FAQ for more information. There is a lot of domain name broker such as sedo and godaddy. You can sell your domain name in those kinds of domain brokers. You can find the top domain selling prices at the bottom of the page. One good domain can value dozens of million dollars.
  • Protect your brand online — The more domain names you register, the better. Prevent others from registering a similar domain name to yours. These similar domain names can steal your customers or confuse them. What can you do with all these domain names? Forward them to your main domain name’s website. See Manually Forwarding or Masking Your Domain Name for more information.
  • Hold on to it — Maybe you haven’t decided what to do with your new domain name. Don’t worry — there’s no rush. You can leave it parked with us for the length of your registration. You can hold your .com domain name. It will be more and more expensive. One single NNN.com domain value hundreds of thousands dollars now. Even single NNNN.com domain values dozens of thousand dollars. Some of our customers register them only $8.99.
  • Delivery to your Next Generation – you should know it, you can transfer the domain to your next generation as a gift or as Heritage。


Following is a list of some of the highest prices paid for domain names. The list is limited to domains that sold for $3 million or more.

  1. Insurance.com $35.6 million in 2010[1]
  2. VacationRentals.com $35 million in 2007 [2]
  3. PrivateJet.com $30.18 million in 2012[1]
  4. Internet.com $18 million in 2009[1]
  5. 360.com $17 million in 2015[3]
  6. Insure.com $16 million in 2009 [4]
  7. Fund.com 2008 £9.99 million[4]
  8. Sex.com for $14 million in November 2014[4][5]
  9. Hotels.com $11 million in 2001[1]
  10. Porn.com 2007 $9.5 million[4]
  11. Porno.com for $8,888,888 in Feb 2015[1]
  12. Fb.com by Facebook for $8.5 million in November 2010[6]
  13. Business.com for $7.5 million in December 1999[4]
  14. Diamond.com 2006 $7.5 million[4]
  15. Beer.com 2004 $7 million[4]
  16. iCloud.com by Apple Inc. for $6 million in March 2011[7]
  17. Israel.com for $5.88 million in May 2008[8]
  18. Casino.com 2003 $5.5 million[4]
  19. Slots.com 2010 for $5.5 million [9]
  20. Toys.com: Toys ‘R’ Us by auction for $5.1 million in 2009[4][10]
  21. AsSeenOnTv.com 2000 for $5.1 million [9]
  22. Clothes.com 2008 for $4.9 million [11]
  23. Medicare.com 2014 for $4.8 million [12]
  24. IG.com 2013 September for $4.6 million, acquired by IG Group from Internet Group Brazil [13]
  25. Marijuana.com 2011 for $4.2 million by WeedMaps, a subsidiary of General Cannabis Inc.[14]
  26. GiftCard.com by CardLab for $4 million in October 2012[15]
  27. Yp.com by YellowPages.com for $3.8 million in November 2008[16]
  28. Mi.com by Xiaomi for $3.6 million in April 2014[17]
  29. AltaVista.com for $3.3 million in August 1998
  30. Whisky.com for $3.1 million in December 2013[18]
  31. Candy.com for $3.0 million in June 2009[19]
  32. Loans.com by Bank of America for $3.0 million in February 2000[20]


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