How to Judge Your Domain Name Value?

Domain names can be valued at anywhere from $0 to millions. Please remember only your buyer can decide how much the domains in your portfolio worth. Following is the top of domain prices sold and bought in last several years.

If you want to know how much your property is worth, there are a number of online tools that you can reference. But, Your domain name value can not be judged by several online domain appraisal tools even though there are a number of online tools for determining the valuation of Internet real estate – domain names.

The vast majority of domain name are more or less valueless. You can register them from even under $5 and the upkeep is trivial. But good keyword phrase domain names are really good enough to hold. if you want to read more, please check NINE TIPS TO CHOSE PERFECT DOMAIN NAMES .

The most expensive domain names ever sold as above tables. worths $13 million and worth $9 millions. . sold for $35.6 million six years ago. sold for $18 million. sold for $11 million.  Of course, those are all keyword or keyword phrases domain. Then you have things like selling for $17 million, for $4.6 million, and of course Facebook buying for $8.5 million. Before Facebook, who would have thought the random letters f and b in a domain would be worth so much?

How can you determine how much a domain may be worth?

1) USE common sense to decide your domain value.

A lot of domain names, particularly old exact match domains or nonsense domains, aren’t going to be worth much at all.  Most of the time, the domain isn’t worth much.

Of course, you can always generate value in a domain name by developing it into a website (no matter how “bad” the original domain name was).  A domain name with a track history as an established site, with incoming links and steady traffic, will usually be more valuable than the same meaning site left undeveloped.

Here are a few guidelines to help you understand the potential value of your domain name and you can even know how to sell your domain names.

A) Have you receive emails to buy your domain name?

You can buy a domain name, hold it. If you have received a lot of emails to buy your domain name, it means that your domain name worth some money. Then you can go to some domain auction website like to check the auction prices of similar domain names, and you will find your domain values. For example, when you bought a domain and a lot of email received to buy it, you can go to sedo and find the prices of, and you will find the value of your

B) Is the domain name a “.com” name?

Most domains have to be .coms to have value. .orgs, .nets, .biz, and other similar TLDs can be valuable as well, but many of the newer TLDs, ccTLDs like .music or .pizza probably aren’t going to be very valuable. .com is still king of the domain name mount.  Generally, a .com domain name will have 5-10x or more the value of the same name with any other extension. may be worth millions – but nobody’s going to pay millions for!

C) The length of the domain names can decide the domain values?

Generally, the shorter the better when it comes to domain names – as long as this shortness doesn’t come through throwing away words or letters, or substituting numbers for letters. is a nice little domain name, with some value. is worth less than that. is essentially worthless.

D) Hyphens reduce the value of a domain name

Sometimes, hyphens help to preserve clarity, but generally they reduce the value of a domain name. will most likely sell for less, even much less than…

E) Misspelling domain name worth nothing?

If there are any misspellings in the domain name, you can knock 99% or more off the price of most domain names. is a nice domain name. most likely wouldn’t worth to register. Always consult a dictionary to register a domain name.

F) How to decide the value of  a singular or a plural domain name ?

General speaking,  if the domain describe a singular situation,the singular domain value more than plural domain name. is more valuable than but maybe be more valuable than


G) How many words or keyword phrases  common are these words?

Generally speaking, the more keywords in your domain name, the less it is worth. is definitely less than

H) How common are your domain’s words?

Common two-word expressions are worth more than rare used one-word expressions.  For Example, is worth more than is worth more than

I)  Good google search terms URL value more 

if I lived in NYC and were selling Hot Dog stands I would first want to secure the URL, and then maybe  … not because it’s a good name for my business (which it obviously isn’t) but because this is what future clients will be typing in their search. This is decided by google keyword planner. You need register a google webmaster tools to get the google keyword planner.

J) is more valuable than

General Speaking, Chinese sound number and remember number very easily. Almost all same character Number keyword domain value more than letter domain names.

2) Use online valuation Tools to value your domain

Online valuation tools can help you determine the price of your domain name. The three most commonly used domain name valuation tools are Estibot, Valuate, and Website Outlook.

While no tool or formula can provide an exact value for a domain name, they can assist by providing a ballpark estimate. Estibot and Valuate use the same valuation algorithm, which is based primarily on keyword metrics including previous sales data and cost-per-click data, whereas Website Outlook provides a value based on website performance indicators such as Alexa traffic rank, backlinks, and Google Page Rank.


When you go to estibot home page, just type the domain name you want to value. I typed and got following results:

You can find that one common keyword domain only value $750,000 USD. When I click the domain, I get a value of $3,9000.


Online valuation tools can be useful to generate approximate domain name appraisal values, but there are many factors to consider when appraising a domain name.  Website Outlook is a good tool for a high performing website with many backlinks, a good Google Page Rank, and Alexa Traffic Rank, but keyword value has no real value on Website Outlook.

The most valuable domain such as may be worth $17,100,000 million on Estibot and Valuate, but only appraise for $5,840 on Website Outlook. Why? The domain name is not being utilized to its fullest advantage. The domain’s performance stats are lacking compared to most high performing domains such as the branded websites that most web users tend to use on a daily basis.

Estibot and Valuate appraise some keyword domains high, whereas they may under appraise valuable domains low. In order to research to assess the value of a domain name, you will need to use domain valuation tools, assess the market value (product, niche, service), and compare past sales to determine an accurate appraisal value.

Online domain valuation tools are only to be used for research purposes, and should not serve as the final buying or selling price. If nothing else, domain valuation website such as Estibot, Valuate, and Website Outlook are useful in determining the difference between keyword and website appraisal values.

Using as a test, I get this:

EstiBot appraises it at $661,000, Website Outlook appraises it at $11,000, a significantly lower value. It also displays Alexa rank, PageRank, Moz ranks, site meta information, and a lot more. SitePrice appraises it at $31,067, but warns that the price is out of date and allows you to click to see a new analysis, which takes some time. The new price it comes up with is $24,826.


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    Online domain valuation tools are only to be used for research purposes, and should not serve as the final buying or selling price. If nothing else, domain valuation website such as Estibot, Valuate, and Website Outlook are useful in determining the difference between keyword and website appraisal values.

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