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How to Value a Domain Name

If you are thinking about bidding on a new domain-name or you wish to put up your domain for sale, then you should have an idea about its value. Remember that the real value of any domain name is how much a purchaser will spend for it. If you want to sell your domain name then you can demand a huge sum of money for it, but unless or until you find a buyer who’ll pay that huge cost, that’s not what the domain name is worth, it’s simply what you would want to get. Several people, when they wish to sell their domain name, directly visit an appraisal website. There are various websites you can employ for getting an evaluation of your domain. These appraisal websites evaluate the website and tell if there is loads of distinctions and this can provide you the idea of what you might expect from selling out your domain name.

What Makes a Domain-name worthy?

Well, there are some rules-of-thumb regarding what makes a domain name worthy. The majority of people who are seeking to purchase a domain name wishes to purchase one that is booming, and the majority of people on the Internet identify success on customers and page views. A website that is established already, though it changes tenure, will bring some of these old customers over to their new website. A few things that you should consider while attempting to value your domain name include –


The value of a domain name will get increased if the domain is memorable enough. In this virtual world, where interest spans are disreputably short and the struggle for sites visits is brutal, anything a site owner can do for making their domain name easier to memorize.

Brand Association

Over the top, some domains on the list of top 25 domains may appear as overpriced.,,, are some examples of such domain names. But, as soon as you combine the brand-association, everything gets clear. Lately, Xiaomi (a famous Chinese mobile-phone company) spent 3.6 million dollars for As per their official portal the “mi” in their brand name which stands for “mobile-internet”.


It is said that shorter domain names are better. That surely appears to be the instance evaluating by the number of short domain name that get traded every month. Length is directly related to memorability thus it make enough sense that shorter domain names are expensive and worthy.


The possibility for making profits is far bigger in some areas compared to others; take the best-selling domain names of all time, for example,  Actually, insurance can be a greatly profitable, that impending to gain revenue is mirrored in bidding rates on Google Adwords for a few products offered by

Search Engine Rankings

Since the worth of keywords in domain name has reduced lately, especially on Google, researches shows that there may yet be some perks to have search terms in your domain name when it comes to rank better in the leading search engines. Traditionally, this is surely expected to have influenced the worth of domain names on the listing like,, and


Domain names are expected to be valued more always if they’ve set level of user traffic, because that means they previously has a customer base that the new owner can sell services or products to. This also seems to be the instance with, because the domain name already had good amount of traffic before being purchased for 3.1 million dollars in the year 2013. It also seems that nearly right after the trade of the domain name traffic vanished, may because of a poorly managed domain migration.

Domains with huge advertiser competition

If you find any service or product on Google and you see numerous high-level promoters fighting for the traffic, then in this case, the exact match name will have worth. For instance: if you search for Mortgage in Google you’ll notice a number of well-funded promoters struggling for PPC traffic. Hence, it can be supposed that has huge value.


As there is some exclusion to this law, for a domain name to be categorized as a real quality name, it should be of the dot com extension. Well, there have been loads of strong past sales in other top level domains like and, however most greatly valued domain are dot com.

Exact match terms that name a location, industry, service or product

A single word or two word domain that shows a geographic location or huge business category will always control a best price. Examples of this consist of:,,,, etc. Domain names like this are frequently referred to as grouping-defining domains. End-user businesses and Investors are actively looking for this kind of domains for either business use or investment.

Acronyms and Short names

Acronyms are in trend these days since they’re easy to memorize and easy to type. 2-letter domain names such as and have an extremely higher value, plus 3 letter dot com names such as are simply worth a consideration sum too. Actually, a 2 or 3 letter dot com, if purchased at correct price, will be a steady investment.

What can be done for better value of your Domain name?

Every financier wants to earn loads of dollars for their domain yet frequently we only see a group of low ball offers and nothing considerable. We see sales websites such as and and watch names to choose much more than deals and offers.

Create a site for the domain-name

The perfect method to boost the value or worth of your domain name is to make a site for the domain. The main purpose that a site perks up the worth of the domain name is as domains that own sites create search engine ranking plus other ranking. If you purchase a domain anme which have some ranks already, the new sites is easily discovered in Google plus other search engine rankings plus the new owner of the site has to perform less work to get located on the internet, hence boosting its worth. If you wish to build a rapid site without having a domain name, you could try out a parking provider. The majority of sites where you can place your domain to sell out also give you some parking options. For instance at Sedo you can easily earn some money on clicks simply by parking your domain name there. Though parking your domain names aids you to monetize the domain name, and it doesn’t boost the worth of your domain name a lot as owning your personal custom site. Owning a website boosts the worth of your domain, as Google identifies parking pages and opt for custom sites with exceptional content.

You can effortlessly build your individual site without having to get into any nominal thing with various web tools on the web. In case you own your individual webhosting then you can make your site with Joomla, WordPress, or another content management system (CMS). If you require webhosting for more than two domain names then you should consider If setting up a content management system and handling webhosting is more than your limit, then you can also check out one of the famous online sitebuilders on the Internet where you can build a site, like Duda or Strikingly. Both the services are exceptional for creating amazing sites without requiring any snippet or design skills. Only a few short reminders at what time building your site are: have some great texts on your site regarding the topic with detailed information, however avoid using loads of text. Add some images and pictures related to the topic and build numerous pages with connect to one another.

Privacy Protection

It can be bought from your service provider for your domain. The expense is normally around 3 dollar yearly. The majority of experienced domain name investors already know this however if you implement privacy protection over your domain, it’ll really boost the worth anywhere ranging from 10-30%.  The investors of domain name frequently fish domains simply by sending e-mails to the owner of domain that don’t have privacy protection facility on their domain name assets, since their contact details is public knowledge. Every now and then, these domains are seen by investors as domain names that can be had rather simple and at any time. When you delete your contact details from the public field, nobody can reach you to ask for the name, immediately making it meager

Make use of social networking

It is important to build free accounts on your social networking websites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc, and enter information regarding your site and connect your domain. The Google crawlers check these websites every minute and they will locate your recently created profile in no time. Well, these usernames and profiles can be provided together with the domain, previously boosting some of its worth, however if you receive followers on such social networking accounts, the worth of your domain name will just boost increasingly. One more step is to ensure that your social media accounts and website get distributed more on social networking.

Sign up professional help

Industry professionals and aftermarket sites on average control maximum rates for domain names. The reason is that they’ve access to huge networks of investors and have plenty of buyer traffic on their sites. They know the market closely, as well as know the costs investors are spending in ever domain name category. Experts can lead you better all the way through the investor market and buyers and give inside details on top bids and market trends. Actually, there are loads of aftermarket and brokerage auction websites.

Get more backlinks

Backlinks are generally links form other sites to your website or domain. In addition to get backlinks from social networking you should also have such backlinks from other sites. Well, you can obtain backlinks by publishing your site on leading forums regarding the exact topic as your site, by writing guest-blog posts and commenting on blogs and then you can receive backlinks by interchanging links with other sites. Exchanging or swapping the links has been considered as the oldest method to receive more backlinks, a site places your link in return for a link into your site.

Final Thought

When you keep these things in mind, you will be able to make your domain name more striking for purchasers to purchase your domain name and you have boosted the value. Ultimately, this is a continuous schedule you should follow to boost the worth of your domain name, get more backlinks, get shared, get more followers on social networking, perk up your site.