How To Transfer Ownership Of A Domain Name

Whether you purchased a domain name as a gift for someone, sold a domain, or simply wishes to change the ownership of your domain to someone else within your company, there are several reasons why you may require transferring your domain-name ownership. Luckily, this procedure is not so hard. All you need to make sure that you remember all the important steps accurately.

Before Transferring Your Domain name

Well, the registrar links your domain along with the IP-address of web server that is hosting your site. Though the transfer of domain ownership shouldn’t influence your site, it’s likely for malfunction to take place that causes downtime. Hence, if you’re the webmaster of your website, it would be worthy to tell your customers of the domain transfer if your site becomes occupied at the time of transition. But, it should be essential to inform customers of the site.

One more vital step before starting the registrar transfer process is to take a back-up of your documents. This usually consists of content, layouts, and also previous editions of your website, because these things are only your accountability. At last, make sure that all your registration details – such as phone number, email address etc. – with your present registrar is updated, because the new registrar will automatically put that information.

Now, let’s look at the process of transferring a domain to other person –

Transferring a Domain from one registrar to the other

The right steps that you will have to follow will differ based on which is the current registrar of your domain name and where your domain is being transferred to, however it will include some of the required steps –

  1. Make sure that the E-mail address of admin is updated

Confirm that the current registrar of your domain has the updated e-mail ID so that they will be capable to get in touch with its owner throughout the process of domain transfer. Please be informed that editing this field can cause 2 months (60 days) transfer-lock on your domain (for preventing frauds), hence an unused admin e-mail id could interrupt the process of domain transfer.

  1. Disable domain privacy or WHOIS

It is important for new registrar to validate the owner of domain – which will not be possible if you have enabled the WHOIS privacy – thus ensure that you turn off the privacy.

  1. Obtain the code for transfer-authorization

Supposedly, that’s like a password which shouldn’t be available by the real domain-name owner. A few registrars may employ another term, such as ‘auth code’, ‘secret code’, or ‘EPP key’.

  1. Unlock the domain

Usually a transfer lock is applied to domain for preventing accidental or unwanted domain transfer. In such case, it’ll require being unlocked.

  1. Ask for a domain transfer

Send a domain transfer request to the new domain owner. Usually, this will involve buying one more year of registration, which will start as soon as all the remaining time is used on the domain. To request a domain transfer you will require an authorization code as mentioned in the previous step.

  1. Approve the request email for transfer

When the owner of the new domain request a domain transfer, the e-mail ID on the file for existing owner of the domain will be emailed. Just approve this request to start the transfer process.

What are the reasons of Domain Name Transfer?

Today, more and more people want to build a website, whether for sharing personal stuff or for business purpose, like a family-photo gallery or a blog, people used to purchase  just one domain name, but the scenario is changing now. Today, more and more people are buying more than a single domain.

  1. More opportunities

Well, it’s common for industries to buy more than one domain names to not just securing their brand (for example, their brand name as well as numerous domain extensions) – but also more and more business buy extra domain to increase their internet reach, and thus reach more consumers. Basically, it’s a clever decision to register multiple domains.

  1. Boost your web presence

Just let your audience know what you do exactly and what are the products and services you offer them. Now, this has become easier than ever before due to latest variety of domain extensions that have been introduced in the past few years. For instance, now you can simply buy extensions like – which is terrific for fitness related businesses or independent coaches. In addition, some other extensions includes,,,, etc.

  1. Secure your Brand

You will have to do anything possible for preventing dodgy people or sneaky competitors from harming your business. For instance, they could purchase domain names that employ your brand name with them – and attempt to get approved as your business or as you. For instance, hoaxers could buy a domain name having your brand name in it like,, etc. and try to cheat people into believing the site is division of your business.

It is important for you to recognize future online risks to your brand. Just make sure what kind of domain name you would like to register for protecting your brand or business? On behalf of spending some money to register domains related with your business – and thus secure it – you can overlook your legal expenses and huge headaches in the long run.

If someone else purchase a domain name having your brand name in it and creates a misleading or harmful site on it, then you may finish up being capable to close the website. However the money and time you will need to spend for doing this. Keep in mind that it will divert you from what you need to be working on for example expanding your business – will be extremely expensive, you’ll be wanting that  you had recently registered the domain name back. The majority of companies for example, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Microsoft etc. purchase millions or even billions of domains. They apprehend the significance of owning over one domain-name.

  1. Increase your brand

A number of businesses provide a variety of various services or products –having extra domains will let you advance these in a further targeted manner.  You do not need to restrict yourself to only a single domain. Several businesses and people have multiple domains. They do the same for taking benefit of the latest extensions to endorse other services or products that you provide. Just not restrict yourself.

Also, you may wish to endorse some particular services or products by building an exceptional site for it – which would need registering an extra domain. For instance, Casablanca Hire is company based in London and the same is an event hire firm that focuses mainly in event hire tools. They contain a huge stock of chairs, tables, marquees as well as catering hire tools. Their primary site is – however besides this they also have registered the some other domain names like and These 2 additional domain names (plus their sites) aid the company to get more and more business from.

Initially, by building a niche website simply concentrating on chair hire within the London region, and secondly by increasing their web existence for the word “London” online – plus region where loads of their potential consumers will be. They do not just boost their possibility of being located on leading search engines like Google or Bing for search keywords like “chair hire in London”, however they can also promote e.g. in event organizer industry magazines, wedding magazines etc. with the use of niche web-address We suggest that you should consider some of the recent domain extensions and look at what prospect they can provide you.

  1. Typo errors

One more big reason to purchase extra domain name is to cover any future loss of guests to your site on account of typo errors, which are extremely common. You can buy usual typing errors and then form redirects for incorrect-spelling of your primary domain – have them to forward to your site. This will simply cause you receiving increased traffic to your website, and stop rivals from registering & employing them. A number of businesses do the same, for example, Amazon, who have bought a number of common miss-spellings of their original domain i.e. and, and several others.

  1. Take apart corporate information from readers

Finally, you may wish to buy extra domains, not essentially to endorse extra services or products, but rather to work as a public space to give information regarding your organization – for example showing corporate information and the information for leading investors. This is the information which you wish to spread and have accessible on the web – however several people not be essentially for future patrons to see when they visit your main website for the very first time. For instance, a few firms have a site focused to telling their sustainability behaviors, like the one formed by Nike, who besides their official site, they made a niche website to concentrate on their sustainability practices, which is Thus, having an extra website and domain could keep information that might not bring you average traffic, but for PR reasons may be worth owning.

  1. Target-specific geographical locales:

A number of business register extra domains so as to either aim for specific areas for their current service or product. For instance, besides owning a .COM extension, Amazon aims specific nations with the use of various domains like: (United Kingdom), (Japan), (France), (Germany), etc. They can aim every nation in such a manner that will cause increased business from that marketplace for example, by owning the site written in local-language – Which will really make it more possible customers in those locales, will wish to purchase from them.

Final Verdict

There are several other reasons why you should purchase multiple domain names – some of the listed above are a few. Owning multiple domains (with a brand name) implies further chances to be ranked in SERPs. The truth is being located in more places, more frequently will cause more business for you. is a site that sells more than thousands of different domain names, consisting of all the latest ones that have been launched like .ONLINE, .SUPPORT, .CLUB etc. You just need to think about how you can make money or profit from your online business by having multiple domains and see whether they are accessible at domain names page of If you are a webmaster, entrepreneur, or just a domain name investor, you will definitely need to transfer your domain at some point.  And if you know the simple steps to transfer or relocate your domain to another registrar it will help you to keep this process smooth.

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