How does SiteLock work?

  • Over 5,000 small and large online businesses are attacked on a daily basis
  • Currently over 70% websites on the internet are not secure
  • Hackers exploit websites to launch an attack 5 times more often than they use email.
  • Google blacklists over 6,000 websites everyday!

SiteLock is ideal for customers who do not have the technical know-how or resources to protect their websites from common online threats. It is an all-inclusive, cost effective solution that identifies threats and also fixes them automatically

   A powerful solution designed specifically for SMBs
  Works in any hosting environment
 Makes you a complete web solutions provider. Offer your customers not just websites but website security        solutions as well
   Prevents your customers’ site from getting defaced by working in the background to protect websites from        online threats
   Adds value to your overall offering with an economical, yet extremely effective product
  Gives you an additional revenue stream which also improves your customers stickability

Our 360° website security scanner checks your website for common vulnerabilities, including phishing exploits, SQL injection flaws, and cross-site scripting (XSS). It checks your URLs, submits forms, posts comments, and performs other tests to find the web application vulnerabilities hackers use to break in.