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Do’s and Don’ts of Securing a Domain Name

One of the most significant things that you should do if you’re thinking about creating your website is getting your personal domain. Owning your individual domain is not just great in setting up the credibility and identity of your website, but also it provides you the liberty and reduces the hazards of losing your visitors if you ever require moving into another host. But, there are so many things that you require keeping in mind while selecting a domain name. Keep in mind that you will be stuck with your domain for really a long time; hence you need to ensure that you choose the one that is ideal for your site. One mistake at the time of selection stage can be expensive or even irreversible after one year or so. If you wish to ignore this case, then you should think about the below mentioned list of DOs and DONTs for securing your own domain name:

Do: Contain a keywords or location within your domain name, if possible.

If your website concentrates on a geographic section, try to add the location within your domain name. There are many good reasons why you have to include a keyword or a location in your domain-name. The very first reason is that there is a possibility that the domain-name you have selected is taken already. In place of selecting a different name, you can rather use a keyword or location to distinguish yourself from the others. In addition, it’ll assist you to grab traffic from people who are particularly seeking businesses depending on location. Whether it’s your company’s field or it’s your location, include the most significant keywords for your niche into your domain-name.

Do: Remember to upgrade your domain-name registration.

If your domain-name gets expired, your site will go down, and you will lose all your important e-mail addresses, and you might also lose your domain name. The aftermarket world is filled with names that have terminated accidently, thus it is vital that you set-up auto-renew. Make sure that your credit-card does not get terminated or that you have enough funds in your account, or else auto-renew will not work. In fact, leading brands doesn’t get it.

Do: Register yourself as the owner of the domain name.

A few business owners make the common mistake of not checking to make sure whoever registers their own domain-name does the same under the name of the business owner. It’s vital to be certain that you’re the administrative contact and the owner of the domain name. Domain names are similar to a piece of real estate. If you do not have a property, then you just cannot sell a current business. It’s an evident, still common error made by plenty of business owners.

Do: Make sure that the Domain Name is related to the website

You are not about to receive the complete perks from leading search engines if you’ve a site regarding gardening and flowers when employing an distinct domain name, such as Ensure that your domain name matches at least with the name of your company or with the theme of your website. Mismatched content and domain name won’t just wreak havoc on your website’s placement on search engine, but it is also going to make your site look amateurish and cheap.

Do: Sign up the Domain Name Under Your Own Name

To be honest, domain names must be treated in the exact same way you treat your properties. Do you actually want your property to be signed up and registered to another person who may escape with it? Certainly not. You must have the same strategy for your domain names. Just keep your domain name under your business name or your own name, just so you are not leaving a dodge anywhere. However, if you want to keep everything private and secret, then you can enable the WHOIS database masking at the time of registration process, which should just gain a negligible cost.

DO: Plenty of research at the time of selecting your registrar

In the end, your web existence relies on making the perfect choice thus it is important for you to make sure that your registrar has been in the same business for a moment plus has a great repute. You will be going to share your credit card details and personal information hence you should see their safety measures. It is very important for you to have SSL certificates to safeguard you as well as your customers’ internet transactions. In case 2-step verification is accessible, then you should activate it and secure your accounts. Domain name management will be improved if the products of your registrar consist of domain name privacy, a free email address, and web hosting.

DO: keep the contact details of your account updated

Your registrar makes use of this information to inform you of renewal reminders and significant updates. There are basically 4 areas to cover; you can just take all 4 roles or allocate each one accordingly.

  • Owner of the domain name has all the right to make use of the domain-name for a particular amount of time.
  • Directorial is permitted to cooperate with the registrar or registry in aid of the owner.
  • Technical deals with the name servers as well as all technical ops in aid of the domain name owner.
  • Billing gets invoices mentioning the fees for the domain name registration.

Do: Prioritize .Com extensions

The fact is, when it comes to domain name or url, people usually extension. In fact, browsers try to add .com into a word if you enter it at your website address bar. This is a side-effect of the truth that the web has become identical with .com domain names, and that anything else is believed clumsy in comparison. So, you are suggested not to try with .to and .me extension though they are available on cheap rates. In the end, you can just choose .org or .net in case a .com is very costly. You just require seeking the rates of the domain-name simply to know how much great a .com is. Typically, a dot com priced way bigger than its .org and .net counterparts; however other extensions are considerably cheaper.

Do: Always check the History of the domain name before protecting it

At time, you will find an inexpensive .com domain name extension that is extremely regular word, and you want to know whether it is your fortunate day. The possibilities are it’s not. You might also wish to see the history of the domain-name – It could be anything that has been unregistered after being bringing into the court room and measured as infringing on another trademark of another company, or possibly that was already blacklisted on VPNs and search engines because of its  unlawful activity. In case, you are unable to afford to hire the lawyer over your domain-name, you can simply explore the history at

Do: Keep your Contact Information

You should keep your contact information existing with your domain registrar, particularly your e-mail-id. That’s the only way the domain registrar can deliver you notice for date of renewal plus other vital information.

Don’t: use numbers, abbreviations or dashes into your domain name.

In place or it, arrive with a trendy name that is very easy to memorize and gets your business. You want to try your hard to make your domain name as easy as possible. You really do not want to lose out loads of your customers who were perplexed with a (-) dash just to enter in the domain name wrongly. This will make you more susceptible to domain-name snipers who might wish to take traffic from your areas by making use of editions on a domain-name negative the dash. Or, in case you employed a dash since somebody else has sign up registered domain you had decided, you could finish up by losing a certain sum of traffic from people who did not remember about the dash.

Don’t: Purchaser a domain name without watching into its past.

Even accessible domain names can be bare to legal problems of the domain name is extremely similar to the trademark of another company.

Don’t: spend your money on extensions apart

When you purchase your domain-name, you will be flooded with so many offers to buy other extensions such as .co and .net. For the majority of small businesses, that is not required. Investing money in other extensions becomes vital when securing a trademark or patenting something. For the majority of small businesses, that is not required at all. Investing money in other extensions becomes significant when securing and patenting a trademark. If you think an opponent might need the dot net edition of your domain-name, for instance, consider grabbing it first. The fact is that you have to spend money for each one of those. The worth is actually in the dot com.

Don’t: Make use of Domain Names That Are very long

You assumed that you were being smart by purchasing, however you will understand that it’s a bad idea as soon as you realize that no one in the world managed to remember your domain-name, and that the just visitors you are receiving are arbitrary ones who only come to your site via search engine hits. Already, there are some people who fail to reach sites with six letter domain names because of wrong spelling. Just envision how many people will misspell your long and 48-letter domain name?

Don’t: Overlook to Renew the Registration of Your Domain Name

You have to invest your money in domain name registration several years before, unless you are just checking out a domain name. In case, you have purchased a domain name that you are planning to employ for an indefinite period, you should place it on auto-renewal. Overlooking to renew your domain-name can be risky, particularly if you’ve an extremely famous site with huge traffic. Conversely, getting your domain name terminated because you overlooked to renew it could cause your website going down for everyone. It also implies that people who are particularly seeking to criticize famous domain names might be capable to grab your valuable domain name from you, and either employ it for themselves or keep it for payoff.

Don’t: Purchase a Domain-name that’s Identical to a Current Website

Though, the keywords are not trademarked, you should not purchase domain names that are only a distinction of other domains. This just means to ignore plurals in case the singular is already taken (for example, in place of, hyphenating a term (like,, or including “my” or any other preposition (such as You might also think about purchasing these editions on your own and set them up so that if anyone enters one of these variations, they’re directed to your main website.