3 Things Every Startup Should Remember when Investing in Domain Names

A number of startups experience the same painful process when it comes to choosing perfect domain name. They choose a name for their startup and go to check whether or not .com extension is accessible and usually find that it is occupied already. In a few instances, they can purchase it for some dollars however if the domain name is owned by a company or an investor that is actively employing the name then the cost could simply become out of their decided budget.

Well, the actual problem is that several startups choose a name and begin to build their business around it and avoid seeking the difficulties involved with getting the domain name. That is the reason; here we are going to cover the three most important things that every startup must know regarding domain names that’ll make your business easier to run.

  1. The cost of a domain name is very important aspect to consider

The number one question that several startups ask is, “how much we have to spend to own a domain name?” Well, the good answer to this question is, “Simply find out the owner.” As people like to throw around the phrase “unlawful tenant” when the domain name is taken by a person, these domain name investors really are frequently the simplest to cope with and the most affordable with cost. The poor case scenario is whilst a domain name is possessed by a big firm because they normally will not sell for anything less than the 7-figure range. Well, you can simply obtain a domain name that individual financier would sell for approx $50,000 and a large company could demand $5M for it.

  1. Tools like powerhoster.com can aid you to learn about the owner of the domain

Well, now you understood the fact that the domain name price is pretty much depend on the owner than the domain name itself, it is also vital to know how to properly research a domain name owner. There are plenty of tools accessible on the web where you can find the required information but, we think powerhoster.com is much efficient tool. We advise this tool because it will tell you who is the owner of the domain and also how many other domain names that particular company or person owns and also make it simple to see the past record of the domain name. When you are working with startups that are arriving with their company name you should plug every name into this tool and learn about the owner of the domain and how they acquired it and then employ this information as a motivation when deciding which name would be perfect for them to try for. A standard WHOIS database will just inform you about the owner of the domain, but if you require more information to actually find out what sort of cost someone might apply the name.

  1. Don’t hurry to make a deal

Finally, it can be all too easy to get excited about a domain and email the owner right away. The negotiations for domain name is an art and if you place an offer of $500 on a domain name worth $50,000 then you could end-up upsetting the owner and lose your possibilities of purchasing the name. Just imagine how you would feel when anyone came to your place and offer to purchase your house in just 1950, you would possibly think that he/she was mad. For a domain name owner that purchased a domain name for $30,000 receiving a $500 or $200 offer can be equally offensive. Hence, the perfect method is to build an association with the owner or appoint someone who already built that association and who can assist you to place the deal collectively.

How Startups can get a nice Domain name

Owning the correct domain for your startup sounds like a common thing. However, it can be an intimidating task. Your startup name may not convert into a nice and attractive domain name. Or somebody else may have picked it already. Despite the difficulties, it’s vital that you own a nice domain name so that people can locate you, plus aid to boost the brand awareness. So, how do you really get a nice and attractive domain name for your startup? Here are some tips that you will require keeping in mind while seeking that best name.


First of all you will need to do some brainstorming to get the perfect domain name. What is your business’s name? What kind of services or products are you selling? What trade you’re involved in? Develop 5 phrases or terms that can perfectly answer all those questions and can illustrate the domain-name that you would want to get. For instance, if you desired a domain name that involved “marketing,” then you could employ related phrases or terms such as “sales marketing”, “advertising,” “digital marketing,” or “online marketing,” as a starting-point. To aid find out related keywords, you can make use of some tools such as Google Keyword or Keyword Discovery Tool.

Though this may sound apparent, you also have to keep in mind that your domain-name must be associated to your business. For instance, if the name of your business was Joe’s Electronics ltd. then you would require a domain name that replicates that name. As soon as you have gathered a list of probable domain name options, use tools such as Nametumbler, Lean Domain Search, Name Mesh, Panabee, Dot-o-mator, or Impossibilityto aid you find options or suggestions.

Speak to The Owner

In case your preferred domain name is not available for sale, then you could try to contact the owner. Possibly they have forgotten regarding the website or are sensitive to the proposal of selling it. Go to the website and check whether you can discover the owner of the website on either “About Us” or “Contact Us” pages. In case, you are unable to find out the owner of the website, you can still send them an e-mail and inquire who owns it.

When you get the contact details of the owner, then you can directly get in touch with them. Just remember that you do not wish to make an offer primarily. You are simply attempting to know whether or not the domain name is accessible for sale. In case the domain name owner is interested to sell out the domain name, then you will need to do some research to discover it’s value. You can also make use of a website like “Compete” to check how much traffic is coming to the website. It’s not the single factor to determine the worth of a website, however it’s a strong pointer.

View Auctions

You can go to auctions and sale to buy a domain-name that is/was owned previously. Well, there are multiple websites that have been obtained by investors as a method to monetize a website. They will buy a domain name and fill up the website with links and lists to other websites just for leading the generation. Actually, there are other cases when a person had a domain name and did nothing with it or the industry did not flourished and the domain name has terminated. In these instances, the domain name is put up for sale. There are several auctions websites where you can visit and see the accessible domain names that suit your business.

Use Other Domain Endings or Extensions

Preferably, you wish to protect a .com domain. It’s actually the best alternative for type-in-traffic and branding, and being ideal for any site. But, there are some other endings or extensions that could profit your brand too. For example, you can choose the .info extension which could be perfect if you are operating an informative website. Other option would be to restrict (localize) your domain name. In case, your website is geographically belongs to the United Kingdom, you would need to employ .uk extension. This will not just open the ocean of possibilities, but also separates you from a global website. A site such as name.com is a wonderful resource for seeking expected extensions and domain names.

Add Small phrases after or before

Since you need to excuse yourself from hyphenating or pluralizing words – because that will make confusion–and terms such as “top” or “best,” there could be a few small corrections to make your domain name show up.


After finding out a suitable domain name that suits your startup, you need to be certain that it is accessible. One possible thing that you can do is simply upload the list of expected domain names on powerhoster.com and see the results. You can also check out copyright.gov, Domjax, or checkdomain.com.

Keep It Easy to Remember, Unique, and Short

During brainstorming domains you also wish to consider that the shorter the domain names the better. Short domains are not just easy to type, however also very easy to memorize. But, also you need to stay away from making use of domains that contain words that are hard to spell or that are misspelled. Just think that, if you heard about any domain name on the radio or from a friend, would be capable to spell it properly? Ultimately, choose the domain that is distinctive. The last thing to remember is that your domain name should not be confused with other website. Also, you need to ensure that you will not face any possession issues.

Think Long-Term

You should be preparing to marry your domain? This is because it will be the largest factor that defines your brand and business for several years to come. As well as if you determine to change the domain name in the future then it will obviously cost you SEO rankings, branding, and money. In a nutshell, it’s a huge pain. Thus, whenever you pick your domain name you should think for long-term. For instance, if your startup assists businesses to optimize their sites for search engine optimization, then you could pick a domain such as “OptimizedSEO.com.” However, if you think that there is a possibility you might develop to more broad digital-marketing services someday, such as PPC, email marketing, etc. then it might be clever to rethink your domain name. You don’t wish to jam yourself to a certain forte if you feel you might go beyond that forte.

Final Thoughts

Being a startup you frequently have loads of things to be anxious than domain names. Although a good domain name is vital, but creating a wonderful team, coming up with good associates, and establishing a scalable business-model must be your main focus. That’s why when you can choose a company name that does not entail purchasing a domain name form a huge company later you will save yourself loads of money and time.

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