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What is DNS and Why Do I Need to Manage it?

What is DNS ?

  • Every domain name is given a series of numbers known as an IP address — for example, the IP address for is dnsIt’s this number that your browser uses to locate a particular website.
  • When you type a domain name into your browser, the DNS (Domain Name Server) looks through a huge database to find the IP address you requested and then directs your browser to the correct website content.


Why do I Need to Manage DNS ?

dnsattackerIt’s during this DNS address “look up” where you can experience problems in performance, accessibility and security – everything from your domain not being found to hackers redirecting your visitors to a fake website in order to steal their personal information.
  • Slow DNS response can cause “website not found” errors
    Have you ever typed in a website address and it takes a long time to connect? Or maybe you get a “site not found” error? This can happen when the DNS server is slow in responding and can’t determine what site content to give you. If it takes too long, it can just “time out” and give an error message.
  • Hackers can redirect your visitors to a fake site
    An even scarier issue is when a hacker interferes in the look up process – a vulnerability that exists with all DNS systems worldwide. Hackers can actually give the browser a different IP address that redirects your visitors to a fake website that looks like yours. Once your visitors are there, the hacker will be able to access any information your customer provides, from usernames and passwords to credit card numbers.

How does Premium DNS help?

  • usagePremium DNS makes it easy to manage and secure your DNS to improve performance, accessibility and security by placing your DNS information on our Premium global network.
  • We distribute your DNS information on multiple servers around the world so visitors searching your site get connected to the closest server location, for a fast response.
  • Our DNS security feature (DNSSEC) stops hackers by securing the “look up” process and verifying the visitor is actually arriving at YOUR site.



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