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Top 10 Tactics To Increase Your Domain Authority

The majority of website owners and bloggers have one common objective: get higher ranking in leading search engines. There are millions of web metric present in the marketplace, however there is one web-metric that has developed in significance exponentially since it arrived in the SEO industry. The name of that important web-metric is DA (Domain Authority). DA is a score or grade varying from zero to hundred that evaluates, how well a site will rank on Google plus other leading search engines. A site that has a higher domain authority is expected to rank higher in SERPs.

Why it’s important to boost the DA of your site?

Boosting your DA will boost the chances of your website ranking high on Google or any other leading search engines. At times, you may have observed that a site having a low domain authority ranks lower than sites that have a high domain authority with less attractive content. Domain Authority is significant for the ranking in search engine.

Here are some important facts regarding DA:

  • Domain authority doesn’t boost suddenly.
  • High DA is equal to higher search engine rankings which brings more traffic.
  • To calculate DA, more than 40 signals are considered.

There are so many important things to keep in mind for improving domain authority score.

How to boost the DA of your Site

Actually, DA can’t be stolen or bought from other high DA website. To increase your domain authority score, you require a good strategy, some good content and patience. There are some important steps to increase your Domain Authority.

  1. Keep Technical On-Page SEO simplified

Well, you should not just seek good SEO friendly themes, but also for some technical concerns regarding about on-page SEO for improving the entire website SEO for improving your domain authority. Basically, the on-page SEO includes total word-count of your web pages, keywords, alt tags, meta tags, URL structure, and site structure. To get the most optimum results, you need to use these contents in the best possible ways. Thus, it’s vital to fulfil all the technical things related to the SEO for improving the DA of your website. A useful SEO can envisage a higher DA score for your website. Thus, you need to be certain regarding your SEO because that’s the most significant aspect to have increased DA score. To lower down the bounce rate and better user experience; you must always need to maintain website structure easy to understand, easy to navigate, easy to read and clear. Google finds it great to recognise the similar words of famous words. You can make use of those similar words (also called as “synonyms”) for your phrases or main keywords, and put all your permalinks relevant and simple.

  1. Stay away from Toxic Backlinks

For being successful in life, a person needs to quit each and every bad habit and this rule also implement to sites. Your websites will not be successful, if your website contains those lethal or dead backlinks. Dead backlinks may harm your site rather than aiding it develops and leaves a bad impression on domain authority. So, you need to remove those toxic backlinks every so often. All you need to do is check out your website’s link profile and kill all of the spammy links. We have seen the plenty of webmasters apprehending this after hitting by the fines driven by Panda updates and Google algorithm. So, you are advised to take the right steps at right time to avoid the fines and penalties.

  1. Write Distinctive Content-Linkable Content

Keep in mind that your content should not just to be distinctive, however it has to be something that gives worth to your viewers. The most important thing is what your viewers get from your portal, and not from other portals? For example, Moz and Search Engine Journal are best place to read SEO and Google updates and both of these sites are known for creating outstanding linkable content. High-quality linkable content is said to be the ideal way to boost DA naturally.

You can post some useful case studies or researches that you’ve analyzed for several months and allow viewers know about your hard work. This kind of content is unique, and users would not be capable to get the same information anywhere else. This is because the information originates from your site.  Viewers just love this sort of exceptional content.

Follow these tips for creating good quality of content.

  • In case you don’t hold a number of case studies, then you can simply follow latest trends on Google-Trends for finding out the latest topics. Seek what the viewers are following at present and after that create content related to it. This will aid to show your ability and how well you stay beside the industry.
  • Creating a good quality content is not sufficient. It is equally important to promote or market your content.
  1. Ensure Updated Sitemap Frequently

The sitemap navigation is very important feature that is very helpful in turning a visitor to the reader and gives a better user-experience. in addition, it makes it simple for leading search engine to place your website on top position at search engine results. The revised sitemap also helpful for creating more possibilities for your previous content to rank high in the search results, this will lead to more raw traffic and finally increase your DA.

  1. Call Authors For Guest Blogging

In today’s online market, you can easily post as well as share some of the respected blogger’s write-ups on your website. The main purpose of adding guest blogging or guest post in your website is, if the real blogger likes any of your post then he/she may share your content on his/her site and that will certainly help you enormously. Also, you may get additional consideration of his/her bloggers and followers that will be an added perk to your website. It helps to improve your contacts and if the readers find your content appealing, then you can think what changes need to be made in your site to drive more organic traffic. Guest blogging is said to be simple, smart and easiest method to have the traffic to your website. It would also be good to comment on authority websites in your background, and try to give detailed review of that post.

  1. Go Viral On Social media

It would be good to go viral on leading and foremost social networking platforms including Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook etc. almost all the social networking websites have large number of active subscribers and users. If you have created a social account for your brand or for your personal use then you can simply begin publishing your links with some famous hashtags on these websites, then the majority of active users may see and reach your website, and begin communicating with you, and if they like your site, they will share your content for further exposure. Social sharing will definitely boost the social-reach of your website which actually boosts your website authority and consecutively, it will completely influence your website ranking in leading search results.

Lately, Google has revised some algorithms for ranking those sites which have a considerable existence on those high social networking authority websites. This can easily be done by frequently linking with those authority sites. Produce a campaign along with some other high domain authority websites to share their content on your channel. As per some general readings, whenever a web page receives 80000 and more tweets then its chances to reach on top five search engine result pages get increased. This shows the advantages of having social media existence for increasing the domain authority of your website.

  1. Endorse Through Content-Marketing

This is the smart as well as innovative method of endorsing your blog-post contents. It’s not completed as soon as you’ve finished creating a high quality content; instead you have to endorse it all over the relevant websites. It becomes hard to be successful without endorsing your content on leading social networking websites only. In fact, content marketing is said to be the ideal method to endorse. This is the most effective method to share your content among leading blogging communities plus other leading platforms where you can easily sell it. You will have to do anything that is required in order to promote your content.

  1. Develop Linking Your Root-Domain

Root domain name linking is the best aspect that influences the domain authority because it mainly depends on the number of websites connecting to you. It would be better to contain links from dissimilar domain names in place of having further links from one domain name. In other terms, owning the links from hundred dissimilar websites is far better than containing two hundred links from one website. Once again it is verified that, the high quality content is the source of connecting root domain from other higher authority websites.

  1. Page Loading Speed Optimization

Well, it’s good to have patience, but the users who visit your website might not have patience while loading your website. You cannot expect this from your visitors. Letting your visitors to wait while loading your website can boost your bounce rate. The majority of website developer forgets to think about the most crucial aspects to pick website hosting for their sites. If your website takes too much time to load, your visitors may leave your site right away as loading speed matters a lot for your viewers. This will leave a bad first impression on your readers and give negative user-experience signs to search engine and then cause decreased results in search engine ranking.

  1. Cleverly Build Internal Links

Interlinking assists to improve link metrics of a site that make s it clear not just for your readers and receiving low bounce-rate however also for the Google to crawl your site as rapidly as possible and begin listing you in search engine result page. Interlinking creates a medium among the search engine and website. A website that has intelligently and logically organized interlinking is more expected to be searched and ranked than a site that contain no interlinking or has spammy links.

For having more interlinking, you should have further content and that is the significance of owning more content. More interlinking means, an increased chance of getting searched and developing more organic search traffic.

Bottom Line

So, these were all the smart methods for having better DA score. It is clear now that you have to give significance to every single point plus it’s important to give enough time for all the required things which are liable for having an improved domain authority score. We hope you find this information useful and helpful for getting your required DA.