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Judge a Domain Name Value?

Here is how you can get an accurate on the evaluation of your name. I used it and it works 100%

Multiply the number of Letters by 10
$500,000 for 1 letter name
$250,000 for 2 letter name
$50,000 for 3 letter name
$10 for 4 letter name
$5 for 5 letter name

If it contains any CHIP letter subtract $20 for each CHIP letter
Divide the total by 3
Multiple the total by 6.75

If you can’t sell the name then multiply the total by 0 (zero)
If you get an offer then multiply the total by zero and add the offer to the total

If you use Estibot then multiply the amount by zero and start from the beginning.

This is from a forum post


  1. PowerHoster Domains

    True, but Estibot is probably the nearest thing to an accurate automated valuation we have at the moment, unless someone can point me to something better.

    If Estibot appraises a domain at zero, is it really likely that the domain is going to sell for $20,000 upwards?

  2. PowerHoster Domains

    It’s all in the pitch, contact businesses that might be interested, call them or write a good email. Don’t sound like you’re just trying to bluff your way into a sale, you have to sound professional and treat it as a legitimate business, even if you’re in your underwear at 1:30pm

    I know it’s weird, but sometimes when on the phone with a potential buyer I would play a sound file in the background recorded from a business (phones ringing people talking and the like), psychology is a good motivator.

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