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.BAR Domain Name Registration

.BAR Domain Name Registration

.BAR Domain Name Registration Only $99.99


Having a website is a must have for any business that wants to succeed. A website gives business owners a spot in the vast online world. It increases the opportunities to get more customers. A well designed website can bring your sales without putting much effort.

However, you cannot have a website without a domain name.  The domain name is what your visitors will use to access your site. It is goes hand in hand with a domain name extension. Many people are used to the commercial domain extension. You can do things differently.

Would you like to set yourself apart from the rest? If you have a bar, you can easily achieve that. It is possible to be different simply by using a .bar domain extension. Search .BAR Domain Name here.

What is a .bar domain extension?

.Bar is a generic top level domain delegated in 2014. Ever since it was created, it has been a popular choice for social venues from all over the world. It is an excellent way to build marketing opportunities, achieve distinct branding and host other features you may not get with the commercial extension.

If you are the owner of a restaurant, cocktail bar or even an event venue, you can benefit from using the .bar extension. You will be able to establish your business as a leader in its industry. You just need to get a .bar domain extension.

Who can register .BAR domains?

Anyone can register .BAR domain names on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration Restrictions
Must Use
  • 3-63 Characters
Can Use
  • Letters: a-z
  • Numbers: 0-9
  • Hyphens (except in the 3rd or 4th characters of the domain name)
Cannot Use
  • Special Characters (e.g., & and #)


Features Availability
Registration Length 1-10 years
Renewal Length 1-10 years
Bulk Registration Supported
Backorders Not Supported
Transfers To Supported
Transfers Away Supported
Account Change Supported
Protected Registration Supported
Private Registration (DBP) Supported
ConsoliDate Not Supported
Cashparking Supported
Contact Updates Supported
IDNs Supported


Nameserver Requirements
Must Use
  • 1-13 Nameservers
Can Use
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
Cannot Use
  • Vanity Nameservers



If auto-renew is enabled on a .BAR domain, we’ll attempt to auto-renew your .BAR domain on its expiration date. In cases where auto-renew fails after the first billing attempt or auto-renew was not enabled at all, we’ll park your .BAR domain name. A parked domain name will show a temporary web page when entering the domain in a web browser. If the domain isn’t manually renewed within 40 days following expiration, we cancel it and remove it from your account.

Refund Details

For details on refunds, please visit POWERHOSTER.COM’s Refund Policy page. Most domains will follow the STANDARD REFUND TERMS, but certain domains will have exceptions or may not be refundable at all. So also take a look under:

  • PRODUCTS WITH SPECIAL REFUND TERMS > Domain Name Registrations/Renewals

More Info

  • Want to register a .BAR domain? Search for your domain today.

Why should you use the .bar and not .com extension?

Increase traffic

Even though, most people understand the word “bar” is to mean avenues where drinks are served in a social environment. However, “bar” has different meanings. It can be used in other industries. You can use .bar to attract visitors to your site. It is a unique extension which is an alternative to the .com which everyone seems to have nowadays. In the modern world, it is important to have an online presence. You can easily achieve that with a .bar extension.

Web users are always looking for URLs that are innovative. Having a .bar extension shows users what your business is all about from the word go. It grabs their attention and will become your brand identity.

Boost search engine optimization

The domain name extension will boost your search optimization. When people search for a bar in your local area, they will use the term “bar” in their search queries. Given that your domain name has the word “bar” has its extension, it will pop up. Thus, you will drive traffic to your site with minimal effort.

Helps improve your marketing campaign

There are many ways you can use the domain name extension. Remember to keep your domain name short and memorable. You can use the domain on flyers, signs, business cards. These will help in your marketing campaign. Such simple marketing will help grow your business.

You can also incorporate the domain name to your business name. It will be easy to remember. You can use geography tags to improve your search engine optimization results.

The .bar domain extension is not only for restaurants and cocktail bars. It can be used by beauty parlors and salons. Salons and beauty parlors can use domain names such as, and It informs your audience that they can go to your business when they need some pampering.

Keep customers informed

The .bar domain extension is an easier way to keep your customers informed. You can inform customers about contests, drink specials, game watch parties and any other events you will host in your bar.

Buying the domain name

So, now you know how the .bar benefits your business. It is important you know how to buy the domain name.

Nowadays, buying a domain name has been made easier. There are many domain name registrars you can choose.  You can get the .bar domain names extension from the popular domain name registrars. You can register the domain name for up to 10 years. The domain extension does not have any restrictions. You can take advantage of the .bar domain extension.

You can use the domain extension for bars of all kinds. Whether you have a cigar bar, jazz bar, sports bar and nail bars; you can use the domain name extension. It is for any establishment that can be categorized as a bar. The domain extension is memorable and recognizable.

The .bar is targeted to bars but it also has other applications such as, and

To avoid losing your money to fraudsters, always register your domain name from an ICANN accredited registrar. They should also offer great customer service and great pricing. Depending on your needs, you can look for a domain name registrar with website builder, email, web hosting, and SSL certificate. Getting all these services under one roof will make it easy for you to get started with your site.

If you are looking for a domain name, you should not look far. You can find .BAR Domain Name here.

An accredited registrar will take you through the entire process. You do not have to be an expert to know how to get a domain name. Using the .bar domain extension, will help you get the appropriate domain name. There are still many domain names available unlike for the .com domain extension.

You can register your domain name and get your web site right on track. You have the opportunity to describe your business. A short, SEO friendly and easy domain will still be available on the .bar domain extension. Thus, you can get a domain name of your choice.

If you have the hottest joint in town, you need to make it known online. You can set yourself apart by using the .bar domain extension. You will save a lot on marketing since when people go to Google to search for bars in your area, you will get organic marketing. You will save money since you will not use paid per click marketing. It will do the marketing for your business.

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