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Domain Authority and My Domain Name

Since search engines plus their algorithms become further advanced, additional ranking signals have appeared to aid to rank websites and arrange them so that people can discover what they are seeking. Domain authority is one of these. You can employ domain authority to check how your site is charging as compared to other sites. Boosting your domain authority can surely affect your website ranking and how many viewers you receive on your website.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is nothing but a rating for website. Higher domain authority ensures the betting ranking of your site as compared to other sites. Different from the SEO, a higher domain-authority will not influence the PageRank of your site however it’s an indirect metric that assists you to find out how your site charge compared to other competitors.

How is Domain Authority Calculated?

There are a number of factors that determine domain authority. Some of the major factors are mentioned below –

  • Quality content: Quality content has a very important role to play. When you create high quality content, your website will get benefitted. Visitors will love to connect to great quality of content given by you. This simply implies a growth in your DA.
  • Moz trust: It’s similar to Moz Rank however it concentrates on your immediacy with right links. It evaluates how properly you have networks and connections with reliable sites. If a site connecting to you is being connected to any authority website, you’re benefitted.
  • Moz Rank: it is basically depend on its link-profile plus the same varies from 0-10; the higher rank would be better.
  • Root domain backlinks: Typically, Backlinks are association between web pages on the web. Backlinks usually portray the links arriving into a document or web page. Root-domain backlinks depict links arriving in your root-domain (for example, It’s great to contain some backlins from the most reliable sites in place of having great amount of backlinks from below average or same sites.
  • Domain Age: It is also a great aspect while evaluating domain authority. If the domain name age of your site it higher, it boosts reliability and makes sure that you are providing your visitors from a very long time.
  • Social Network: This has a very significant role to play in your DA. If you are good at Social network, (for example, if you get increased number of likes and shares on your Social platform), your social DA will be better. Usually, it evaluates how your site is doing on social networking mediums.

How you can evaluate DA?

There are so many online software and tools accessible to evaluate DA. You can easily evaluate your DA with the use of official-toolbar from MOZ. On the other hand, you can check your DA from OpenSiteExplorer. Some other tools that can be employed to evaluate DA are – SeoWeather, Bulk DA Checker, Moonsy, SmallSeoTools etc.

In case your DA is descending, you’re doing it incorrectly and you require applying your tactic again. When you are experiencing a boost in your DA, you’re doing well. No standard value is there for optimum DA. Anybody with a domain name score of twenty would wish to get thirty in the upcoming update and likewise, somebody with domain authority 50 would expect making it 60 the next-time. Thus, it’s a relevant factor. Together with evaluating your DA score, you can also evaluate your website’s page authority, backlinks, domain metrics, and majestic trust flow from Moz.

Why DA is Significant?

Generally, leading search engines like higher DA websites. If you’re ranking higher in searches then maybe you don’t require another thing from your site. Simply you can enjoy huge traffic and profits arriving from your website. DA not just assists to get increased traffic and ranking on domain name pages however also you’ll receive numerous offers of guest posts and direct advertising.

What are the factors that influence DA?

The scores of DA are evaluated from one to hundreds and high-scores are great. A poor score implies that you are less expected to have a positive ranking on leading search-engines. But, a poor score also does not imply that your site is essentially bad. Seek other websites in your forte and see how they rank for DA. If related websites have much increased scores compared to yours, it’s a signal that you should work hard to perk up your DA If your website is ranked like higher performance websites in your forte, then you are doing great. Keep in mind that your DA should be employed as a similar metric in place of a complete one.

How do we discover our DA?

You can make use of your online service created to check your DA. Moz is a company that decides DA, has their personal tool. Enter your domain name into OpenSiteExplorer to check your page authority and domain. Also, you can check how many internal links Moz has found in the past sixty days, which is significant as new links aids the website to remain related eventually.

Comparing Domain Authority

To have a better idea of where your website ranks as compared to others, enter the domain name of a related website into OpenSiteExplorer. You can check the DA of that website easily and effortlessly. Create a list of the provided information, and after that evaluate it to your individual DA fallouts. This provides you a better idea of which website is more possible to rank well in Google search results.

What are the methods to boost Domain Authority?

Increasing your website’s domain authority or DA can assist you to rank better on SERPs (Google’s search-engine results page), as the same things that increases your DA also perks up your search engine optimization. Increasing your link-profile goes really a long way towards increasing your DA. There are some major steps that can be taken to perk up the DA score of your sites. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Appropriately Follow SEO Guidelines

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the core of blogging. Your blog will not get value without a proper SEO. Also, it will never get the fame like it should be. In order to perk up the DA of your site, you should follow Search Engine Optimization guidelines in a proper way. This consist of website navigation, heading tags, meta tags, breadcrumb, robot.txt, submitting sitemaps regularly, Optimizing Images (making use of Alt Tags), and optimizing URL Structures.

  1. Blog Commenting

Its also a great way to receive high quality backlinks and up keep the associations with bloggers in your forte. However, the rule of thumb is never commented only for obtaining a backlink. Typically, all comments are accepted by the moderator. Thus, you need to ensure that you are adding worth to their blog posts via blog commenting. It perks up the possibility to get your comments accepted (hence giving you backlink) which will certainly aid you to get great DA in some way.

  1. Guest Blogging

Well, now Guest blogging is an old school method. It was in news in the last year due to a man who leaded the anti-spam squad at Google, and then Matt Cutts announced that the guest blogging had turn out to be a spammy behavior. But, the fact is that the guest blogging is yet alive plus the same is the most outstanding chance for promoting the brand. However, you need to be alert to find out the difference among the legit sites and forged ones. Make use of the reliable medium to broadcast the content. You can discover the highly reliable sites under your forte and then you can do guest blogging on those sites. You can give good quality content to your target sites (where you are performing guest blogging) and in response; you can receive backlinks to your site. As we have already mentioned, root domain linking is considered as the leading aspect to calculate domain authority. Hence, if you’re performing guest blogging in an appropriate manner, it’ll certainly aid you to boost DA.

  1. Make Use of Infographics

Produce infographics that are appealing visually without being very crowded or colorful. Ensure that these infographics provide updated, useful as well as relevant content. Distribute these infographics not just on your site, however also on your social networking pages. The more the number of visitors who view your infographics, the more your possibilities are of receiving further traffic on your website. The more your website traffic, the more your possibilities of obtaining new backlinks and hence boost your DA.

  1. Include Web Pages and New Content Frequently

As we have already mentioned, one of the major aspects that influence DA is the website size. Hence, it goes without stating, that you must include high quality content and new pages into your website on a daily basis if you really wish your domain authority to boost. Publishing new and fresh content on a weekly basis is good for targeting longer searches and create extra traffic to your website. Certainly, you can do nothing regarding the age or duration of your site apart from wait. It is extremely important for you to allow leading search engines to understand that you can give invaluable and reliable services or content. If you thrive in doing the same, you must be capable to enjoy a suitable DA until the time your website becomes older enough for search engines to belief completely.

  1. Create Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are excellent ways of featuring the products and/or services that you offer. Of course, you should also make sure that your presentations don’t focus solely on featuring your products. These should also offer valuable information to anyone who views it. The aim if the presentations must be to persuade readers to visit your site for further information. Distribute your presentations on some of the famous websites such as SlideShare and YouTube.

  1. Social Bookmarking

In reality, domain authority or DA of your website is also checked depending on how your site is doing on social networking channels. One more exceptional method to receive traffic and backlinks into your site is, Social Bookmarking. It aids to market your content. Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Reddit are such sites where you can easily submit your bookmarks. The DA will be higher if you get more bookmarks.

  1. Interlinking Your Content

Just by interlinking your previous blog posts at suitable words, you’ll induce your viewers to click on the hyperlink and pilot to the other blog post. When you interlink all your blog posts then the chances of your viewers staying sticked with your posts is for a long period of time. You can make use of a dissimilar variant of anchor-text however include a particular amount of links in a post. It will not just aid you to boost traffic however also it’ll aid to reduce your blog’s bounce rate.