How can I become a domain seller or reseller?

What is a Domain Reseller ? A DOMAIN reseller is a third-party company that offers domain name registration services through a registrar. They usually buy domain names at cheap pricing and then sell it at higher pricing to earn profit.

Where to get this Domain Reseller Account ?
Nice question ! Now the point comes that from where to get such a domain reseller account. You should always select the cheap and best domain provider so that you can have more better business as cost matters a lot in this type of business. However Here, domain has nothing to do with quality service. But still you can get a Domain Reseller Account from Top 3 BRANDS in the world. The more you sell, the lesser cost you get.

How to decide the domain reseller plan good or not ?

If you want to earn decent money, I do not suggest you choose a free domain reseller program which sells you the .com at more than $9 which is our selling prices. We suggest you get a program that sell you domain name at no more than eight dollar.

You not only sell domain name, you can also sell web hosting , dedicated servers, cloud hosting, website builders and ssl certificate.

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